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Jamaica Gleaner Letters
published: Friday | March 5, 2004

It is not just about democracy
THE EDITOR, Sir: HELLO, ANYBODY there? Where have you been, Mr Prime Minister? The precedent (U.S., French, etc. doing regime changes) has been set a long, long time ago, and has been repeated over and over again!

Stop condoning the wrongs
THE EDITOR, Sir: KINDLY allow me to share with your readers my observations of a growing trend that is very debilitating for any nation. There is a pervasive permissiveness permeating this society which can only lead to perdition.

Leadership more important than democracy
THE EDITOR, Sir: I BELIEVE that the United States and the British approach to the overthrow of the democratically-elected president of Haiti is but the natural conclusion of the view which holds 'leadership' to be more important in all respects...

Who is lying?
THE EDITOR, Sir: ARISTIDE SAYS the United States Government was behind his ouster, that he was kidnapped. Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State, says this statement is not true.

MoU part of a sinking ship
THE EDITOR, Sir: THE MEMORANDUM of Understanding between the Government and the trade unions, trying to save the Jamaican economy...

It's time the Opposition got off its seat
THE EDITOR, Sir: IT IS time that the Opposition Party got off its seat and take measures to mobilise the people of Jamaica against the draconian measures being taken to correct the present economic situation brought upon us...

Disappointed with the US
THE EDITOR Sir, THE GRAVE sense of disappointment that we feel at the United States' handling of the Haitian crisis was only intensified by their decision to repatriate hundreds of Haitians at the height of the conflict.

Evolving principles
THE EDITOR, Sir: I MAKE no comment on the desirability of present and recent events in Haiti but I am moved to observe that the current set of CARICOM prime ministers on reflection may find that that their own antecedence does not sit well...

Beverley Williams
THE EDITOR, Sir: I AM trying to find a person born in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

Kasey Osbourne
THE EDITOR, Sir: WE ARE searching for a friend of ours, Kasey Osbourne. She was last living in the Montego Bay area. We would like to get in contact with her. We are Stephaney Ottey and Tamar Bailey.

Desmond Wilson
THE EDITOR Sir, ON BEHALF of my cousin, Kishma Wilson I am sending this appeal to his father Desmond Wilson who is supposed to be living somewhere in Canada, that it is time he contact his son and be the father he has never been.

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