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Stamina drinks bring back di vibes
published: Monday | March 29, 2004

By Nordia Henry, Staff Reporter

A customer enjoys a drink freshly blended from Morales, second left, while two other customers wait for their purchases. - Carlington Wilmot /Freelance Photographer

WHEN SEX is good, it's great and when it's not, we begin to fear our relationship is heading for the rocks. It's a thought that's hard to bear but according to Patrick 'Morales' Scott, he's got the right stuff for men and women to make their sex life hot and sizzling.

Morales International Health Food Store located on Church Street, downtown, Kingston, has been flocked by people from all over the world for its famous stamina drinks, said to assist in making one's sexual encounter a rather 'steamy' occasion. Stamina drinks like 'Hard and Stiff', 'Up it Up 13', 'Put it in Wine, Rewine' (a stimulant for men and women) and 'Tiger Bone' are the most requested drinks from Morales. 'Hard and Stiff' seems to be the crowd's favourite as it is high in demand.

"Hard and Stiff is a stamina drink made from doctor fish, cashew, oats, peanuts, Dragon Stout and Irish moss. This drink is mostly for men because it gives them a good erection and helps strengthen the prostate area," says Scott, managing director of Morales International. Up it Up 13, a stamina drink that has been around for 40 years, is a molasses-based herbal product with 31 different herbs, and a tablespoon in the morning and another in the evening increases vitality,vigour and relaxes the nerves. Scott says, it's also good for Parkinson's disease.

Up it Up 13 is widely consumed as a sexual stimulant, but Scott adds that it decreases period pain and is often used by women who can't have children.

"Anybody who suffer from infertility mek dem come I will make them fertile with Ginseng, Alphalpha (the highest form of vitamin, he notes) and molasses. Irish moss and papaya are more like a male balanced drink because it provides iron, calcium, potassium and zinc," says Scott.

He claims that several of his customers, including Cabinet ministers, clergy people, soldiers and police officers consume one or more of the stamina drinks that he has to offer. He adds that he has a wide variety of stamina drinks which are good for low sperm count, pre-ejaculation, prostate problems, nose bleeds, mineral deficiencies, colds, liver, kidney and lung problems.

One of Morales' customers who did not want to be identified said he has been buying the Hard and Stiff Drink for years, and attributed his "wonderful" sexual performance to the ingredients in the drink.

"I've been drinking this thing for years now and trust me, any woman I come across, I will brush them good and proper," proclaims the young man.

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