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A rape victim tells her story
published: Monday | April 12, 2004


I AM in my middle 40s living in the U.S. As I was reading the Star recently I came upon an article about women getting raped. I want you to know that this is an ongoing problem in Jamaica. I am only speaking of Jamaica because that is where I experience it and know that a lot of my friends also experience the same thing there. I do believe it is the mentality of our Jamaican man, to take what they want even without consent.

It is the same way in a relationship with them, even when we don't want to have sex with them they feel they can either talk their way into it or just take it. It is not easy to live with being raped, I know. It can destroy your life. It never goes away and it ruins a big part of your sex life, you don't trust anymore and you are always wondering if it is your fault. I got raped when I was 14 years old, and I am in my middle 40s, married once and cannot settle in a good relationship. I have three beautiful children. The first one is the product of being raped, and believe me when I tell you this, it was difficult, we fought day and night, she did not like me and I did not like her. I love her, because I produced her and she was a part of me, but at one point she was a constant reminder of what happened to me.

Now she is a college graduate and married with my four beautiful grandchildren and I love her to death. Now I have no regret that I decided to have her. She is a wonderful person with a beautiful heart. We talk all the time, she confides in me and I in her, but the one thing I find difficult to talk to her about even now is what happened.

We as women need to find a way to deal with this problem and stop this from happening to us and our children. Sometimes I believe we as Jamaicans take this a little too simply; we don't stop to think about the effect and we are always quick to think what happened was our fault. I am sorry to know that with so many beautiful black woman in this world, man still have to rape. I suppose that is the only way some of them know how to be a man, and the fact that they know we are not going to report it.

What the hell, the POLICE are doing it, with no regards to the vow they took to protect and serve, I suppose they will look at it as a service, but God help the man out there who has his daughter and a next man rape her. Wonder how he would feel and what he would do? God bless all the wonderful women out there who keep this world spinning and growing and God help all the worthless men out there who feel that the only way they can have sex is to rape a woman (their mother). And God please bless all the young girls/ladies out there who are crying out for help and not getting it.

Jamaicans, wake up and realise that we are one of the most blessed nations in this world and we need to start treating each other with respect and love. One love!

I am, etc.,


Decatur, Georgia

Via Go-Jamaica

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