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SOAPSCENE - All My Children
published: Saturday | December 17, 2005

Juliey Mills who plays the character Tabitha on 'Passions'.

Pressed by Ryan, Greg revealed that it was impossible for Kendall to have been carrying Ryan and Greenlee's baby due to the blackout, but insisted that Kendall only acted out of love for Greenlee. Kendall almost told Zach her true feelings about him but the moment took a surprising turn, leaving Kendall wanting nothing to do with either Ryan or Zach. After Amanda told Jamie she had another blackout and feared what she might have done, Jamie convinced Amanda to move in with him, where he could keep an eye on her. J.R. set up Babe to believe he wanted a future with her, then coldly told Babe she'd never have him, or their son. Angry when Lily resisted his advances, Sam called her stupid when she defended Jonathan.

Coming: Kendall hears encouraging words.

As the World Turns:

The DNA tests finally proved that Jennifer is Billy's mother, and Hal arrested Paul and Emily. About to leave town, Jennifer was overjoyed by the news, but furious over being betrayed by her brother, Paul. Meg managed to conceal her own involvement. Gwen, distraught over losing Billy and learning that her own baby had died, refused comfort from Will, instead turning up just as Casey told his parents about his acceptance to college, announcing that their baby is dead. Lily couldn't resist her chemistry with Holden, and they made love. Henry managed to escape from the wine cellar and ran to the cottage, where B.J. was trying to seduce Katie.

Coming: Keith senses that he's missing something regarding Lily.

Bold and Beautiful:

When Darla found out that Sally was really going into a retirement home, she insisted that Sally move in with her and Thorne. Bridget realised that Nick is the father of Felicia's baby boy, Dominick, and was concerned about his ex-lover's intentions. Felicia insisted to a dubious Bridget that all she wanted was for the baby to be a part of Nick's life. As Eric's plan unfolded, Taylor was convinced by witnessing many phony arguments between Eric and Brooke that they had a falling out, and got Stephanie to believe it. Eric then told a gullible Stephanie how sorry he was for the way he treated her.

Coming: Eric is ready to spring the trap on Stephanie.

Days of our Lives:

Kate told a stunned Victor that Shawn was the father of Belle's baby. Victor agreed to keep Claire's paternity a secret, but there was only more bad news about the baby's medical condition. Eyeing Sami and Austin at the same restaurant as her and Lucas, Carrie slipped out before she could be seen. However, Carrie was later taken aback to spot Sami and Austin kissing. Chelsea ignored Bo's warning about her reckless driving and spun off an icy road while speeding. Marlena had a strong response when she and John kissed under the mistletoe. Jennifer continued to believe that Jack was alive and tried to convince Hope and Frankie.

Coming: Carrie risks being spotted again.

General Hospital:

Sonny shot Manny before he could harm Carly, and Manny was arrested. Just as the judge announced the verdict at Diego's trial, Manny made an escape attempt, and Diego prevented a tragedy from happening. Tracy refused to divorce Luke in return for Jax's offer to pay Luke's alimony. Tracy had Lulu charged with stealing from her, but backed down when Lulu called her bluff. Sonny made a decision regarding Emily after Carly told him that Emily is in love with him. Nikolas and Courtney obtained a sample of Jax's DNA and had another paternity test run at a different hospital. Robin saw a different side of the arrogant Patrick.

Coming: Carly feels insecure because of Emily.

Guiding Light:

Dinah was surprised by a visit from her mother, and even more shocked when Vanessa revealed that Mallet had asked her to come. Quinn gave Lizzie the key to his condo for her rendezvous with Coop, as they made love. However, Quinn later implied that there would be repayment for his largesse. Presented with the dossier on Jeffrey and Richard by Josh, a love-struck Cassie tossed it into the fire, but R.J. retrieved a telltale photo. Rejected by Tammy, Sandy arranged for the family to walk in on her and Jonathan, as they were about to make love. Harley fired Alan-Michael, thinking her problems were over.

Coming: Alan-Michael finds a way to stay in charge.

One Life to Live:

Spencer was shown to have a secret connection with Margaret, and withheld valuable information. Meanwhile, Rex decided to help Todd and gave him proof that Margaret was a champion swimmer. Kevin was subpoenaed to testify against Todd. Natalie made it clear that she would never forgive John, then walked away from Cristian after he kissed her, and made a decision about her future. Nash left for California to deal with a fire at the vineyard, where his past caught up with him. Kelly accepted Kevin's marriage proposal.

Coming: Cristian refuses to let go.


Tabitha planned a mishap as Sheridan, Chris and James went ice skating. Afterward, Chris tried to warm up Sheridan. Simone rescued Jessica from Spike, who enlisted a group of thuggish girls to cause trouble for them. Fancy felt betrayed by Noah, despite his explanation, but when the police arrived to question Noah, Fancy was ready with a cover story. Theresa made a promise with God not to pursue love with Ethan if he recovered. Ivy attempted to sabotage Fox and Kay's shaky relationship, while Kay begged Tabitha for romantic help.

Coming: Gwen gets a lead on Ethan's whereabouts.

Young and Restless:

Sharon shared a kiss with Brad but stopped before they went too far. Meanwhile, Phyllis and Nick ended up making love. When Sharon returned home from her business trip, she kissed Nick, who pulled away, prompting Sharon to confess her lapse with Brad, and her loneliness. John was stunned to get a letter from Tom revealing that Gloria was still legally married to him. John confronted Gloria with the document, and his awareness of why she was being blackmailed. Mac and J.T. moved back into the loft to have more privacy. On her honeymoon yacht, as the revelations in Scott's manuscript shocked Lauren, Sheila appeared.

Coming: A fateful confrontation takes shape.

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