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published: Tuesday | December 20, 2005
Lead Stories

Strollers recalled - Deemed dangerous to toddlers - Cops to clamp down on toy guns
THE GOVERNMENT'S consumer watchdog agency yesterday alerted the public against purchasing a stroller containing "serious defects that could endanger the safety of their child." According to the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC)...

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Teenage cross-dresser exposed - Convicted for impersonating high-profile cops
KRAAL TRIAL: DAY 35 - Kraal verdict expected today
Which is better: real, or artificial?
Emergency response for prisons
Windalco contractors walk off job
Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA) president wants non-members to pay ninety per cent of dues


Human rights group gets multimillion-dollar boost
THE INDEPENDENT Jamaica Council for Human Rights (IJCHR), yesterday received a $24 million boost from the European Commission (EC) to aid in its campaign against the death penalty.

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Food For the Poor cleared
Two held for Clarendon murders
Christmas is cancelled this year!
Who murdered Steve Harvey?
Jamaica bad for gays, says Elton John


Expansion slowdown in currency circulation
AS AT end November 2005, the stock of currency issue stood at $28.113 billion, according to a statement from the Bank of Jamaica. This is expected to increase by some $7.0 billion or approximately 24.0 per cent in December in comparison to an increase...

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Jamaica Stock Exchange conference 2006 to push regional investment
'Energy boost coming from renewables'


Boxhill under pressure - JFF president anticipates no-confidence vote at Congress
THE TOP brass of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) is reporting rumours of a no-confidence vote, the second such alleged move against the two-year-old administration led by president Crenston Boxhill.

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Under-16 Girls due home today
Harding marks 100th winner
Territorial Boards clarify position
Northwest serves up support for Table Tennis
Harbour View 'want every single point'
FROM THE BOUNDARY - Let's use technology to protect the rules


The Chief Justice doth protest too much
CHIEF JUSTICE Lensley Wolfe lost his cool in court on Friday in a manner that demonstrated a remarkable absence of dignity and decorum in the high office he holds. The target of his wrath, Dr. Carolyn Gomes from the lobby group Jamaicans For Justice...

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Shame and scandal in Parliament
Ho, ho, no
Christmas - the new man


LETTER OF THE DAY - People need to know basics of economics
THE EDITOR, Sir: THERE ARE some very salient issues around economic development that continue to frustrate the ordinary Jamaican. The Finance Minister is also responsible for Planning and we would like him to add 'explanation' to his remit.

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Repair Bog Walk roads
What help for farmers?
Embodiment of a Labourite


Patriotism strong at 'Welcome To Jamrock'
WHEN 'THE Gargamel' Buju Banton gutturally crooned Our Father on the rhythm to Murderer at Cinema 2, New Kingston, on Saturday night, he was accompanied by his back-up singers plus thousands of 'Gargalites'.

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Fans revisit 'Legend'
Elton John to 'wed' life partner

The Shipping Industry

The SAJ - corporate citizenship in action
THE SHIPPING Association of Jamaica (SAJ) sees its role of corporate citizen as one that endows the organisation with responsibilities as a member of the port community, the country's business fraternity, the residential community...

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'2005 - another year of sterling achievements'
Customs planning for the 'silly' season


Jingling bells in the Dominican Republic
AS IN Jamaica, Christmas in the Dominican Republic is a time for family. Most persons return to their hometowns to celebrate with family and friends. The neighbouring island will be introduced to Christmas one hour ahead of Jamaica.

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Christmas Trini style
Bursting the bamboo in St Lucia
A sandy holiday in Cayman
Antigua: Parades, food and church


Sharp rise in under-16 moms
HAMILTON, Bermuda (CMC): THE NUMBER of children of school age giving birth has tripled in Bermuda, according to a new government report. The increase in the number of babies born to girls under the legal age of 16 rose from four in 2003 to 12 in 2004...

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Peacekeepers shot, injured


Saddam aides to be freed, ncluding 'Mrs Anthrax'
BAGHDAD (Reuters): SADDAM HUSSEIN'S weapons' experts known as 'Dr. Germ' and 'Mrs. Anthrax' are being released, an Iraqi lawyer said yesterday, and a United States military spokesman said eight such 'high-value detainees' had already been freed.

More Stories
First Parliament in decades sworn in
Leftist coca farmer wins presidency
Sharon suffers no damage from stroke
Shi'ites eye new majority as results come in

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