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published: Sunday | March 5, 2006
Lead Stories

Dad's distress Prison inmate denies drug links to family's murders in St Thomas
WHEN PAUL George McCool received a six-month prison sentence in February for attempting to smuggle nine pounds of ganja outside of Jamaica, he thought his life could get no worse.

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Mob justice and J'can hypocrisy
Assembling the 'fifth-term' Cabinet
Simpson Miller's Cabinet?
Crime file on deportees
Police Federation condemns six-y-o girl's murder
34 mentally ill inmates sent home
The path to the presidency
How the rock crumbled
BREAKING THE GLASS CEILING - 'Ceiling cracked' say women's groups


'A travesty of justice in Bog Walk' - Man paralysed after alleged shoot-out with police
Life for Noel Reid can never be the same again.

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Police detain 32 in east Kingston
Experts to assist CCCL with faulty cement investigation
Let cool heads prevail
HEALTHY DIET improves productivity
Portia joins ranks of female world leaders
UK appoints assets forfeiture official
No CSME without the CCJ


NEST EGG NEGLECT - The problems J'cans have with pension
Sunday Business: Generally speaking, what is the biggest misconception Jamaicans have about pensions?

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Risk control workshop a success
The price of value investing
When faced with redundancy
Who are you ... financially?
Changing energy consumption patterns
Protecting the service sectors
'Perseverance the key to success'
Leaving your job? Leave the pension!
Developing a personal portfolio
PSOJ celebrates 30 years
JMMB shells out $40m for New Kgn property
Senvia steadily carving its share of remittance market
Ja takes the lead in business technology
Blue Cross celebrates 50 years
Social engineer on weekends


Windies avoid whitewash
AUCKLAND (Reuters): THE WEST Indies beat New Zealand by three wickets in a nail-biting fifth and final one-day international at Eden Park in Auckland yesterday to avoid the humiliation of a series whitewash.

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Chappell accused of violating code of conduct
Celtic extend lead in Scottish Premier League
Searching for a coach
Chelsea edge West Brom 2-1
Jamaica drawn to play first match against Bermuda
Urban Knights, Denham Town Wizards remain unbeaten
JFF invites U-17, U-21 squads to camp
Adams shines for Tigers
Meadhaven blank Mtn View 3-0
Catch The Cut upsets at Caymanas Park
Interesting battles in store
Greenfield stadium bang on target
Match evenly poised
Cook's ton puts England in command
Hamburger SV clip Bayern Munich


Change in sugar psychology needed
IN THE coming days, it is probable that a high-level mission may travel from the Caribbean to a number of European capitals to stress the region's financial needs if the sugar industry is to be transformed.

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PNP presidential election - Not so solid after all!
Portia had the last laugh
Woman time?
For such a time as this


LETTER OF THE DAY - Transparency laws perplex BOJ
THE EDITOR, Sir: I REFER to an article entitled 'Why BOJ Secrecy' published in The Sunday Gleaner of February 26 in the column written by Dawn Ritch.

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Ja's creative industries
Wish list for new PM
Portia the midwife
Garveyism in schools?
NWC clarifies Mt Royal isue
First World quality of life


Cashing in on creativity
TO THINK outside of the box is to get creative, and it has been argued that for the Caribbean to crawl out of the economic box into which years of exploitation and mismanagement have sealed it, it will take the creative arts. So when...

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Colourful Curaçao Carnival
'Dis-made' in Jamaica
Watered-down fun

Arts &Leisure

Energy of the SUN
BARRINGTON WATSON is an artist living and working in Orange Park, St. Thomas. Here he discusses his work with Dr. Jonathan Greenland, executive director of the National Gallery of Jamaica. Jonathan Greenland: Can you tell us about your two works in the..

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Artie and the Portia strategy
Happy International Women's Day!
A Past Champ Reflects
They came for 'Sex in the Church'


An incest survivor's story
THIS IS the story of a 30-year-old woman who was the victim of incest. For about a decade, she was forced to satisfy her father's sick lust for her young body.

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This decision to drive
Leonie Clarke's creativity
Counting threads
'White Fly' the denizen of horticulture
Women as victims
Hyacinth Newman-Whiller Leading the fight against rape and child abuse

In Focus

Why Portia won
Portia Simpson Miller is a Jamaican success story; an iconic figure who has become a metaphor for the hopes and aspirations of poor, marginalised, despised, oppressed black people - Ian Boyne

More Stories
Reflection on a special moment
A woman rewrites Jamaican politics
Revolutionaries ­ Busta, Michael and Portia
Deportees ­ Pt II - The Immigration Reform Act
Who fooled whom in the PNP presidential race?
The free movement of skilled labour - Pt 1
Who will spend Portia's immense political capital?


An exciting taste of the Dom Rep
WAS THIS a suite in a hotel or a tropical island in the Caribbean Sea? The embassy of the Dominican Republic hosted a reception to mark the 162nd anniversary of their Independence on Monday.

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'Dada' Rose celebrates his 90th birthday
Nation in the afterglow of victory and celebration
No 'blues' on this green


VANTAGE POINT - The cost of getting noticed
THE V8 Vantage ushers in the era of the affordable Aston Martin, which seems a little like cognac-in-a-box or fast-food truffles - a rare and exclusive thing awkwardly commodified.

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Tales of a biker
ASIAN DOMINATION Japanese brands sweep top 10 auto list
The Mitsubishi CZC - Small And Beautiful

Portia Wins the PNP Presidential Race
Final Results
Portia Simpson-Miller Peter Phillips Omar Davis Karl Blythe
1775 1538 283 204


It,s Portia! PNP's First Female President

Portia Simpson-Miller New President of the PNP

Audio Clips:
Real Player Needed

PNP President 's Announcement
Portia Simpson-Miller's Victory Speech

Photo Gallery | Portia Simpson-Miller's Profile | More News

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