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Jamaica Gleaner Business
published: Sunday | March 5, 2006

NEST EGG NEGLECT - The problems J'cans have with pension
Sunday Business: Generally speaking, what is the biggest misconception Jamaicans have about pensions?

Risk control workshop a success
THE RECENT enterprise risk management (ERM) workshop in Jamaica, organised by the Caribbean Corporate Governance and Strategic Management (GovStrat) was a resounding success.

The price of value investing
WHERE MARKETS have been retreating as we have seen locally for the last 10 months, the practice of 'value investing' becomes an excellent investment methodology.

When faced with redundancy
THERE ARE various reasons why people are made redundant, for instance, a company may have merged with another, or the company may simply need to reduce its operating costs.

Who are you ... financially?
Coherent reasoning and prudent decision making are not traits which are as widespread as we are led to believe.

Changing energy consumption patterns
IN THE next five years total world energy demand will grow 18 per cent, moving up to 104 percent in the next 25 years. In developing countries, electricity demand is growing at an even faster rate.

Protecting the service sectors
THE FASTEST-growing part of the Caribbean economy is the services sector. It is also one of the few areas in which smallness, fragmentation and all the other characteristics that are said to disadvantage the Caribbean are largely irrelevant.

'Perseverance the key to success'
IF AT first you don't succeed, then, try again. That seems to be the philosophy of the winner of the 2005 Alliance Stock Wizard Challenge competition, Calvin East.

Leaving your job? Leave the pension!
With the new pension regulations, portability of pensions (that is, taking your benefits when you leave a job) will be almost impossible. Instead, locking-in of pensions will be the norm.

Developing a personal portfolio
ONE OF the most important things that must be considered when you make that transition from 'saving' to 'investing' and developing your own personal portfolio, is a basic understanding of the various investment opportunities available.

PSOJ celebrates 30 years
THE PRIVATE Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) will celebrate its 30th anniversary on March 11, under the theme of its new slogan, 'A Productive Nation is our Priority'.

JMMB shells out $40m for New Kgn property
MAJOR FINANCIAL house, Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB), recently paid $40 million to purchase a property on Knutsford Boulevard to which its St. Lucia Avenue branch has been relocated.

Senvia steadily carving its share of remittance market
BURLINGTON, ONTARIO: WHEN THE National Commercial Bank (NCB) launched its remittance arm, Senvia Money Services (SMS) in August the mandate from Group Chairman Michael Lee-Chin was to be catalyst for change ...

Ja takes the lead in business technology
SEVERAL LEADING Jamaican business firms are latching on to the latest modern technology services provided by the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC), since its implementation of Business Incubators.

Blue Cross celebrates 50 years
LAST WEEK major health insurance company, Blue Cross of Jamaica, held a thanksgiving service to mark the start of year-long celebrations to recognise 50 years of providing health insurance.

Social engineer on weekends
WHEN HARDWORKING professionals step out of their offices, they leave behind footprints, but when master builder extraordinaire Donald (Don) Mullings does it he leaves behind blue prints.

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