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Lesbians in schools - Growing number of homosexuals in Corporate Area all girls' high schools
published: Sunday | March 12, 2006

Tyrone Reid and Stephanie Coleman, Gleaner Reporters

Ruel Reid ... We have no official report on the matter.

THE SUNDAY Gleaner has been shocked by staggering reports from students that their institutions have become feeding ground for established lesbians.

But it seems the untoward activity is happening under the radar of the Ministry of Education and the Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA).

Dorrett Campbell, director of communications in the Ministry of Education, was oblivious to the claims being made by the students. "I have neither heard the rumours neither have we had any complaints or reports on the matter," she said unwaveringly.

Ms. Campbell refused to comment on the policy position of the ministry if students are caught in the act. She insisted that she would not comment on hypothetical scenarios.


Ruel Reid, president of the JTA hummed a similar tune. "We have no official report on the matter," he said. However, he hastened to highlight that he has heard the rumours. Mr. Reid confessed that not every matter is brought to the attention of his administration, as some things are dealt with at the "local level".

A representative from Jamaica Forum For Lesbian All Sex and Gay (JFLAG), who requested anonymity, told The Sunday Gleaner that they too were not aware of the situation. However, the admitted lesbian, said she does not believe that people are being recruited. "It's just students who feel this way, want to be a part of a group with people going through the same thing."

Pushing the homosexual agenda a tad further she said, "The younger ones are bursting at the seams, they don't want to hide anymore and are becoming more brave. They feel that it is time for some action, and to be taken seriously."

She added: "The older ones prefer to remain closeted, but the young has energy and don't want to be closeted. They want society to accept them."

The JFLAG representative suggested that the administration at the schools embrace the peculiar practice. She argued that the homosexual habit would tarnish the school's image anymore than "students being promiscuous and having wild sex on the buses."

"It's hypocrisy at large! Why is this tarnishing the school? They should embrace it and understand why it is necessary for [lesbian] students to join an alliance," she said with vehemence.


The JFLAG spokesperson said that no disciplinary action should be taken against the gay girls. "They should counsel them if this is what they are, but advise them that certain things are prohibited."

However, the JFLAG repre-sentative condemned the actions of lesbians who are allegedly visiting the campuses and openly displaying their orientation.

"No one should do that. You can't stay on the premises and do that. I don't agree with older women going onto the campus to entice girls to do whatever with them."

However, she said that if that is being allowed to happen on campus, school security is not performing up to par.

She disclosed that her organisation approached several schools "to give information and seminars, but they wouldn't have it." She believes that if permission were granted to stage the seminars, the girls would be better able to deal with the uncomfortable situation.

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