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High school girls gone gay!
published: Sunday | March 12, 2006

SCORES OF high school girls in the Corporate Area have seemingly gone gay. Reports have reached The Sunday Gleaner that in, at least one instance, a girl had to fight off a lesbian schoolmate who made a presumptuous advance at her.

A past student of St. Andrew High School, located at Cecelio Avenue, gave another sickening episode. She told The Sunday Gleaner that while attending a social, which was staged at Ardenne High School on Ardenne Road, she was dancing with her friends when she was brazenly approached by a student from Holy Childhood High, who discretely whispered, "I like you" to her.

She dismissed it. But, the pursuing lesbian approached again with the same words. "Normally, I would have used expletives but due to the shock I gave no response," she said.

On leaving the venue the persistent young lesbian approached a third time with the words "I want you and I am going to get you no matter what."

The St. Andrew past student said she was now numb with disbelief and quickly boarded the vehicle she came in and left the compound. "I felt like I was raped," she said in anguish.

A visit to The Queens High School, which is located at 4 Central Avenue, confirmed reports that the administration is having problems with the girls who have gone gay.

A senior official, who requested anonymity, told The Sunday Gleaner that the homosexual behaviour among the girls is spreading like a fungus. "The recruitment is heavy. Every time we get rid of a

big batch we have to deal with the recruited ones," the senior official told our news team.

The Queen's High School official pointed out that the lesbians in the upper school usually endeavour to recruit the young girls from the first and second forms. The school has taken a stance not to accept the professing lesbians into their sixth form. "...that is the only way that we can get rid of them because we are unable to expel them," the senior official said.

She pointed out that expulsion is reserved for cases where students are caught in the sexual act on campus and is a decision that must be taken by the Ministry.

The senior official lamented that the unwillingness of students to finger the lesbians among them is one of the primary reasons why the administration has not been able to nip the spread of the malignant practice in the bud.

Graffiti, which is too explicit for publication, on the schools bathroom walls perhaps testify to the existence of the gay girls. "Lesbians ah run tings, who nuh like it tek a hike," read one graffiti, a student recounted. There are even audacious advertisements sketched on the walls. "If you want a woman call..." read the daring writing on the wall.

However, Sister Angella Harris, principal of Immaculate Conception High School, defended her school's pristine image. With trembling lips she insisted that she had no knowledge of any such activity happening on the campus she oversees and then refused to answer any more questions. However, some students confirmed what the principal denied having knowledge of. With a grimaced face, a ninth grader told The Sunday Gleaner that she interrupted a pre-valentine's day fling between two girls on the corridor. "I saw two girls kissing on the corridor, I just walked off... It's just nasty," she said in disgust. "Our parents don't believe when we tell them, they think Immaculate is a nice, holy school," she added.

Her friend, a fellow ninth grader, said she has grown numb to the obscene scenes."It happens everyday its like a normal occurrence it don't matter," she lamented.

Still the girls bemoaned that witnessing the gross behaviour being displayed by the gay girls makes them feel uncomfortable.

Also, students pointed out that they have witnessed women from outside coming on the campus and kissing girls in their cars. (pull out)

On the other hand, there were several students on the campus that shared the same view as principal Harris."(Lesbians) definitely not here, mi know everything and I haven't heard of that, at one time I thought so though," a fifth form student injected.

Over at the St. Hughs' campus, our news team chatted up a group of girls that were gearing up to leave school in the afternoon. They too confirmed reports that had reached The Sunday Gleaner concerning gay girls at the institution. The girls attested that they have seen girls kissing and fondling each other. One of the students revealed that the girls call each other 'wife' but took it for a joke until the physical manifestations of the strange attraction started to surface.

One girl said she has alerted her parents. But, the response was the same as before.

"Parents don't believe us, I want to transfer to a co-ed school but my parents don't want me to go. They want me to stay at the school because of the name, but the name doesn't frighten me," the incensed student exclaimed.

"It makes me uncomfortable but they don't trouble you. They know who to approach and dem don't fraid fi seh dem a lesbian," another student said. A concerned teacher from St. Hughs told The Sunday Gleaner that "lesbianism has gotten rampant" on the campus.

Reports reaching The Sunday Gleaner suggested that the Merl Grove High School on Constant Spring Road is also being affected.

A fifth former revealed that her schoolmates who are so inclined kiss other girls on campus "like a man is supposed to kiss a woman". She informed our news team that the girls pretending to be the males in the relationship wear their skirts on their hips instead of their waist, male shoes and carry wallets. The females in the relationships, she said, wear rings on their thumbs.

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