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published: Sunday | April 2, 2006
Lead Stories

READY TO SERVE - Workable Cabinet say industry leaders
NEWLY-APPOINTED Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller, yesterday called on the church community to form an alliance with her administration. In addition, she said she would be instructing Cabinet ministers to appoint the clergy on every board ...

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Inmate looks to Jamaican Government for assistance
A JAMAICAN MAN facing death by lethal injection for killing a cop in Florida is turning to the Jamaican Government in a desperate bid to save his life.

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WHEN WILL IT END? Investors feel the pinch as stock market continues to plunge
ON APRIL 26 last year the Jamaica Stock Exchange main index closed the day at 120,385 points. The main JSE index closed at 84,660 points on Thursday last week, a drop of 30 per cent from its peak of April 26.

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West Indies Cricket Board accepts Brathwaite's resignation
THE WEST Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has accepted the resignation of Roger Brathwaite as chief executive officer of the board and has also appointed a cricket committee with a view to resurrecting regional cricket, stated a release issued yesterday...

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Editorial - The Prime Minister's Cabinet
THE APPOINTMENTS to the Cabinet announced by Mrs Portia Simpson Miller should be seen as a pragmatic approach primarily aimed at maintaining the image of unity within the governing People's National Party.

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Letter of the day - Emulating the good Samaritan
THE EDITOR, Sir: IT IS generally accepted that the distribution of wealth in Jamaica is far from equal. There are a number of persons who may not even be aware of some of their bank accounts, while some persons do not have what it takes to start one....

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Advisory Board sags
THE ENTERTAINMENT Advisory Board (EAB is supposedly on hiatus until another batch of members is elected, but it seems the rot set in even before that could happen.

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Arts &Leisure

Willing faces in unusual places
IN PREPARATION for my upcoming exhibition at the 3rd Liguanea Festival of Fine Art & Photography on May 21, I was carefully sorting my images of Jamaican faces, places, flora and fauna when it just dawned on me that in my possession were many...

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Never let him do it ...
You asked him to help you to do something you had been working on and he willingly agreed. What a darling, you purred. But less than midway through the project you are both throwing verbal darts at each other.

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In Focus

A Partnership for Success - The inaugural speech of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller
TODAY IS a truly historic day in the life of this nation. A girl from Woodhall in deep rural St. Catherine has become Prime Minister of Jamaica, a true manifestation of the Jamaican Dream.

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Portia regal at swearing-in ball
IN A striking red, gold and black ensemble, a radiant Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller entered the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel's ballroom for her "inaugural" ball

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Portia not an overnight success story


Election on today
THAIS VOTE today in a general election called by Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to rout a campaign to oust him but likely to plunge the country into a constitutional mess.

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