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Yeoman time!
published: Sunday | April 2, 2006

Amina Blackwood Meeks, Contributor

WELL, SEET deh now, Miss Lady set up school. Yu know how long she did want to turn herself into a teacher. An she gadder up all de whosoever will may come for she believe dat knowledge is nat a ting to hide but is de time an place fe reveal it.

An ascardin to har, time come now fe place certain concepts in full view.

So, she teck out har likkle ole blackboard an start mark chalk pan it. All who waan laugh can laugh all de same, for computer nuh frighten har.


As a matter of fack, she sey she nuh too fancy put nutten inna book or pan internet, for it have some people who fah job it is fe teck what into adda people head an put inna book, den dem turn round hide de book from dem or put it pan internet an den set virus fe ketch yu if try get it back.

In adda words, dem teck yu hide an hide it fram you an still waan call yu dunce an adda such names.

Well, dat naw happen to she. She is kipping har head right where she can see it. Dat is why she is using a blackboard. Anyting she write pan it can rub out when she ready an all who have head fe only soso book pan shelf salt. For where she goest, there shall har head also be. All who waan play pikcha or nuh pikcha find sey pikcha gane.

So pikcha dis now, she write up tree ting pan de blackboard - yeoman, human and you man.

Miss Lady sey all who is man enough fe digest what she have to say can step up to de plate, especially dem who love sey 'man' mean 'man and hooman' till a real living hooman present herself an agree wid dat deh definition.

What a yeoman task dem gi demself now fe go try teck back what dem use to sey fe come claim now sey 'man' an 'hooman' a two different ting an 'one should never be used to signify de adda'.

Dat last part is ascardin to one de smaddy into de class. Well right deh so Miss Lady ketch him. For it is all a matter of how yu see yuself. She sey she did always jus see harself as human an a dat she a promote, human time.

She is well aware dat some human did see adda human as 'less dan' jus because any multiple choice of reasons what dem pick fram to suit de occasion.


It come in to har like we reach a time dat we have to decide if now is de time dat 'less dan' gwine get we anywhere - less dan yu bes, less dan honesty wid yu opinion bout who right and what's wrong, less dan courage fe haul up yuself over de past dat didn't get yu anywhere, clear it an declare something bigger an brighter and better fe yu an everybaddy what your life touch.

For she sey if is one ting she learn bout humans fram fe har schooldays is sey dem have a highly developed brain capable of abstract reasoning, language, and introspection. An dat dem have special ability fe communication for self-expression and the exchange of ideas.

Dat a de ting she especially want to call attention to now for we is going to have to watch very carefully how we talk to we one anadda, how we select de gear fe de brain before we drive off wid de mout.

Some ole fashion deragotory expression haffe stop wear. She sey a mussi dat is de symbolism of a hooman in charge, fe set de example fe a review of what we tink is fashionable to do an say to an about adda people.

For jus like how we love throw out ole clothes and ole hairstyle, we are going to have to throw out everything dat does not suit de purpose of human development at dis time.


Big learning people wudda call dat how we use language fe construck a new civilisation.

People mus stop chat bad bout people dem never even have a conversation wid, yet blaguard dem good name an character. Dat haffe dun.

News carrying haffe dun. Spread dutty rumour under de guise dat yu checking if something cudda really go so haffe dun.

For Miss Lady sey she is of de firm belief dat, whereas de conditions under which nuff people live mus and boun fe change, she also prove sey nuh matter how much we change de conditions under which people live if de conditions what live into dem stay same way is betta we nuh try change nuttin at all.

An inna fe har humble opinion, dis chance fe tun into human beings is a nex chance we ancestors gi we fe set weself straight.

And sometimes yu haffe put een yeoman service fe understand and manifest de calling of de ancestors.

She remind de class sey she did live up into England one time an dem teck yeoman fe mean all kine a ting.

But de ting dat it mostly mean is 'a diligent, dependable worker'.

Dat call to har mind somebody like a farmer who nuh gat nutten else but de two square a land an any likkle rain or sun what de Creator gi him, mean 'man and hooman' again.

An she sey when yu behole de mount of tings dat deh farmer person produce fe wan big amount of people yu haffe sey a mus him Missis Queen dida watch when she command dat deh wud fe go inna Dictionary.

An chu nuff yeoman labour dem end up better off dan certain people who claims sey dem kean work wid dem han an such work is degrading.

She sey she go a Cuba arreddi an see people who we wudda call yeoman wash off himself a evening time an gane study books, or enjoying country sports such as shooting and hunting or anytign him fancy chu because how de recognsie de humanity of people regardless of what kine a honest work dem hands do.


She translate dat into proper Jamaican fe mean sey de same hand what play piano can peel banana. Nuhbaddi nuh have soso banana brain an leff oddas wid piano alone inna fe dem head.

An she meck fe set dem homework now fe see if dem get de idea.

When she look up, nuh two smaddy dat a try sneak whey like dem nuh hear nutten what she sey de whole time.

Well dere is where she introduce de last concept pan de blackboard.

Hear har: "An dat includes you. Whey yu a sey, yu up to de task? Step up like a man, meaning man an hooman, of course, an meck everybaddi see sey yu is human, yu is a person, smaddy of quality, ready fe knack head wid a next smaddy till someting worthwhile come outa it, for dat is precisely what dese times call for."

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