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Alison Hinds rolls it on her own
published: Sunday | April 23, 2006

Kavelle Anglin-Christie, Staff Reporter

Alison Hinds, mother, wife and solo soca artiste, performs at Chukka Cove last Sunday. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

ALISON HINDS has rolled back onto the soca scene in a major way. Since she left her long time band Square One she has taken the soca scene by storm with Roll It.

"I did a collaboration a few years ago with Elephant Man on one of my songs and when Roll It came out with Elephant Man on it, we didn't know anything about it. The only remix that we knew of was the one I did with Machel. We approached Machel and we did the vocals. It obviously means that people love the song and they felt that it would be nice to put Elephant Man on it, so I thought that was hot," she said.

The Bajan soca queen took a hiatus with good reason.


"I had a little girl ­ she's about to turn two ­ and I got married. Yeah, I did a lot and I was basically concentrating on my family. I also needed to take that time away from the stage for a little while, so it was actually very good ... I needed to take a break and look at things from a different perspective and see the business from another way and having my daughter also helped me to look at the world completely differently ... She is my motivation," Alison Hinds said.

As far as motivation goes, Hinds says this was something she needed in excess to exercise after her daughter's birth.

"It didn't happen as quickly as you think. I started working out when my daughter was about four months old and... I couldn't be away from her for too long, so I had a trainer come to the house. That is actually what I needed at the time, because I wouldn't have been able to motivate myself to go out and to do that and I didn't feel comfortable because I had on all this weight carrying around...Once she turned up at my house, whether I wanted to or not, I had to work out...For some people when they have a child, the weight drops off, but I am not one of those people so I really had to work hard ... I am still working; I want to take off a little bit more. So I am proud of what I've done so far," she said.

With a new family, a new bod and a new hit, Hinds still found launching out on her own scary. She says leaving the band she had worked with for many years took her out of her comfort zone, but it was a necessary step.

"What made it necessary for me was after my daughter was born and I knew that I wasn't going to be able to give the band the kind of time that I was giving them before. I wanted to have that control to say 'well I'm going to be home at this point'... I needed to have that control and I wouldn't have been able to have it with the band. I also think I've grown in so many different directions ... I wasn't sure exactly what was going to happen... but then when I came back, people were saying, 'oh, we're happy that your back on stage' and it really gave me a boost as a performer. I'm a lot more confident now that I've experienced the band and I have a repertoire of songs and I have a fan base there that was just waiting and I want to build and expand on that fan base," she said.

Now Hinds is in the process of completing her first solo album. Though she has not decided on a name as yet, she has everything else planned out and is excited about it.

"We are hoping to be able to release it in the next couple of months, but it's a crazy schedule. It's a lot of work that has been coming in steadily ... I thank God every day to be able to go out there to be a success and still have people who want to see you and still want to hear my music. It's something that I never take for granted," Alison Hands said.

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