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published: Sunday | July 30, 2006

Lead Stories

Hand it over! CG blasts State agencies withholding information
The nation's move towards transparency and accountability in government is being derailed by agents of the State who are refusing to provide the Contractor General with information on how they award millions of dollars worth of contracts.

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HIV/AIDS rate falls in Trelawny
JLP to forego wage hike
Int'l security team for Cricket World Cup
Row over blended cement
Paulwell survives censure motion
Indies Pharma unveils range of low-cost drugs


Crash claims six in St James
WESTERN BUREAU: Panic and confusion reigned as death marred the Montpelier main road in St. James on Friday night, when six people were crushed to death in a gruesome motor vehicle accident, as they made their way home.

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Grief shrouds family members
A mother's dying wish - son returns home
Saving is where it all begins - Pt II
Grants Pen renaissance
Of AIDS, Trelawny and resort towns
B&B project gets good response


Court throws out D&G Pensioners' Assoc claim
On Friday, the Supreme Court threw out a claim by members of the Desnoes and Geddes Pensioners' Association that the pension plan should be wound up and the $1.1 billion surplus in the fund be distributed to them.

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Uncertain future for Courts Ja
Rapid institutional change key ingredient of Ireland's success
MiPhone joins with Chinese partner to expand services
Jamaicans among the most entrepreneurial
Investors should take good advantage of discounted stocks
Making investment decisions
Petroleum Fund to assist Haiti's development


McCarthy blasts double century
FORMER WEST Indies Youth player, Andre McCarthy, was in record-breaking form yesterday for Melbourne against Kingston and St. Andrew in the All-Island Capital & Credit limited-overs competition at Melbourne Oval.

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Trinidad on to Stanford Twenty20 semis
Polish Market takes the Commock Trophy
Ja's 4x100 men get CAC bronze
Jeff Rodgers Camp to close with a bang tonight
Gatlin admits to failing dope test
Five teams to battle for first-round honours
McLaren clinch first pole of year
New Zealand triumph over Australia in Tri-Nations
England pair takes 19 wickets as Pakistan fall
Sri Lankans break partnership record
Let's recapture the love


Searching for answers in Mideast conflict
It is, at best, nave, for the United States to to be outraged that Israel interpreted the failure of the Rome summit to call for an immediate ceasefire in the Middle East crisis as tacit approval by Washington for it to continue its "shoc...

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Public Affairs - Governance on the shelf
Whitehouse development: a bad idea
Dutty tuff!
No need to raid our pension funds


LETTER OF THE DAY - Can a prime minister be a submissive wife?
The Editor, Sir: The appointment of our first female Prime Minister and her professed affinity for the Word of God brought to mind one of the most misunderstood and misapplied of Bible passages:

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Miss Lou - a true revolutionary
Endorsing ineptitude
More days of suffering
Miss Lou, my mentor
The 'brethren' con game
Clarifying the CDA's role
Uncomfortable with this


Labrish with Miss Lou
Today we rerun the last two interviews done by The Gleaner with cultural icon Mrs. Louise Bennett-Coverley, who died on Wednesday, July 26, in Canada. The interview below was done on her last visit to Jamaica in August 2003, when she...

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84 special 'Bibs' for Miss Lou
Why Miss Lou makes us happy
Demand for Miss Lou's work increases
No Giving up

Arts &Leisure

Poetic Justice
He spoke slowly, and drove even slower - carefully, he said, when his irate passengers insisted they were late. The identification card said his name was SMITH, Donovan, a taxi operator.

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Guyana Diary II: Journey to Lethem
The effects of using slow shutter speeds
Tribute to the Hon Louise Bennett-Coverley - Her work was inspiring


Is it rape if it is the husband?
Your responses to our Push my Button questions have been many, no less so in this case, debating the moot: Can a wife be raped by her husband? They varied, from the touching experience of one woman who was battered and then raped ...

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Emancipation from sexual slavery
Clean decorating
No means no, even in marriage
It's not rape. Blanket consent was given on taking vows
Thank you, Jamaica
Is it rape if it is the husband? Submission theory is flawed
Daily foot care for diabetics

In Focus

The real Mideast war
Many people find it both alarming and abhorrent that the United States, the main patron of Israel, could be deliberately stalling a ceasefire, causing more slaughter of the innocent and giving Israel time to destroy Lebanon...

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Driving under fire in Lebanon
Miss Lou, your culture lives on
The woman, the state and all our gods
Looking at Ja's history in 1850
In-depth look at a Caribbean giant
Education is the business of business


'All That's Good'
You know, there are really precious few people in this society who have created anything of substance, as against the flash-in-the-pan, high-profile empty suits who seem to have the cure for all that ails, but whose track records point...

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Revolution in home entertainment

Tropical Weather

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