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published: Sunday | September 24, 2006

Lead Stories

Strike averted! Teachers accept salary offer from government
The General Council of the Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA) yesterday decided to accept an improved salary offer made by the Government.

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PNP installs campaign team
Some hospitals operating without boards
JLP expects peaceful election
Confession of a JUTC bus driver
Bus shortage!
Ticketing system needs makeover - Road Safety head
Eye on PATH - Tracking the progress of the social assistance programme
Gleaner asst news editor to study investigative journalism in US


Road deaths could rise to level of HIV/AIDS
DEATH is likely to come knocking in one of three forms if you are between the ages of five and 29 years - motor vehicle injuries, child cluster diseases and HIV/AIDS.

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Man dies in three-car collision
Cops nab murder suspect
Traffic accidents costly
Is bin Laden really dead?
$Million credit card scam in MoBay
Contractor General to face PAC again
Clerk to the Houses named
Is tourism a prime mover of the economy?


Tony Thwaites Hospital Wing to double capacity
The private Tony Thwaites Wing (TTW) of the University Hospital of the West Indies in Mona, St Andrew is to undertake another major expansion that will double its capacity, starting year-end, to round out its medium-term growth plans.

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Billy McConnell to enter PSOJ Hall of Fame
Looking out for growth stocks
National Housing Trust offers loan discounts
BNS to end distribution of UK pensions
BoJ cuts rates again
Eight tips to starting your own business
Trinidad to diversify economy beyond energy


Portmore challenge W'house
WEEK THREE of the Wray and Nephew National Premier League will be highlighted by the clash between defending champions Waterhouse and former champions and year-to-year favourites Portmore United. That game is set for 6:00 p.m. at the Waterhouse Stadium.

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Wolmer's streak continues
Champs held to draw in D Cup
Three winners for Subratie
Europe expand Ryder Cup lead
Chelsea atop English League
Cricket needs one like Leighton Duncan


Political will and dangerous roads
Representatives from the National Road Safety Council (NRSC), the Transport Authority, the Police Traffic Division and the National Works Agency are unanimous in their assessment: it is extremely dangerous to be a motorist or pedestrian on Jamaican roads.

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Tourism and development - Red flags being ignored
The ball is in Portia's court
Striking sickness
Campaign on the issues


Letter of the day - Clash of wits, not a political debate
The Editor, Sir: I am wondering, why the urgency for a political debate? In my opinion, it is all about a clash of wits to show to the nation the bright child versus the dull child or one's prowess over the other.

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Incomplete job
Facing the future with confidence
Cut the managers first


Dancehall grows away from roots
"Dancehall was more than the music. Now the modelling come more than the music. The music could tone down a little, men coulda come out wid lyrics that more than just sell sex and violence."

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A live way to 'buss'
'Informer' sticks on Lady Ann
Business booms behind 'unclothed' doors
Stanbury, Livingston give Midem tips
Sounds of Jamaica go to Midem
Big entrance, lasting impact

Arts &Leisure

Landscapes & seascapes
Among the most popular photographic subjects are landscapes and seascapes, especially in the Caribbean's most picturesque island of Jamaica.

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Lion on the rock (Part II)
Kingston on the Liguanea
Jean Rhys: a retrospective 'powerful and vividly fresh'
A useful primer on clinching sales
Prince Claus Fund marks 10 years


It’s all about family at St Cecelia
On Surbiton Road in Half-Way Tree, St. Cecelia Preparatory School occupies a quaint, older type dwelling which stands out among the modern apartment buildings in the St. Andrew community.

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Breaking sexual addictions
Lovely courtyards
Cho Man resort an unforgettable journey
Performance enhancing drugs
Viviene Wellington Teaching from the heart
Raising twins triple the challenge

In Focus

Putting Portia, party on show
People's National Party (PNP) President Portia Simpson Miller presides over her first annual conference of the party this weekend with elections on everyone's mind. It is a time for the party to put itself on show as an organisation...

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Women's rights are always official
The Pope and the Muslims
The CSME and the media


Olé, olé, it's National Day!
There were sombreros, ponchos and plenty of tequila as Ambassador of the United Mexican States, Leonora Rueda hosted her country's national day reception on Wednesday night.

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American Women's Group on the Move
Chilling with the Chileans
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Stargazing on the green

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