Jamaica sinking deeper into immorality

Published: Friday | October 20, 2006 Comments 0


I pray and hope for that day when I can once again say, I am proud to be a Jamaican. This country is sinking deeper and deeper into immorality and the question to be asked, when will we ever elect a govern-ment that will put the Jamaican people first? And when will we elect persons with the necessary aptitudes to govern this country.

There are more questions than answers to the Trafigura saga and the Government of the day continues to wave wool over our eyes by using the former Information and Develop-ment Minister and Party General Secretary, Colin Campbell as a "sacrificial lamb" as well as trying to appease the Jamaican people with their intention to send back the $31 million to Trafigura. This one will not 'wash' because we are not all gullible.


The Prime Minister, as reported in one of the morning papers (Monday) stated that she had no wish to be embroiled in controversy as her wish is to concentrate on the process of governance and dealing with the issues that are relevant to improving the lives of the Jamaican people. But, she can't just brush aside the matter at hand by simply sending back the money and relieving Minister Campbell of his position.

As the head of my household, it is my duty to be aware of what goes on in my family and if an allegation is made against a family member, I have a duty to ensure that the allegation is false before coming out in defence of that person.

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