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'The Young and the Restless' Daytime's grande Dame continues to break new ground
published: Saturday | November 11, 2006

Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) of The Young and the Restless.

Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) has called The Young and the Restless home for almost 33 years. In those years, Katherine's been through it all - alcoholism, countless flings, heartaches, kidnappings and an on-air facelift. And she's lived to tell about it. Her portrayer, Katherine Chancellor, couldn't be having more fun doing it.

The story line that makes Jeanne most proud is the facelift. In 1984, footage of the actress' real-life facelift was broadcast as her character underwent daytime's first 'extreme makeover'. Jeanne explains: "It was groundbreaking, of course. After the facelift, everyone came out of their closet (to admit they'd had one). Before this, it was like the Hollywood actresses who went away and came back with a child- you never saw them pregnant, because they hid it. I think Betty Grable was the most famous Hollywood star who didn't hide her pregnancy. It's like she opened a door."


Jeanne continues: "With my facelift, it became a worldwide thing. We realised it's all right to look as good as you can, so let's do it as a documentary."

Jeanne, like many Y&R fans, had been getting restless (pun intended) with her and Jill's newfound closeness. Katherine and Jill are at their best when they are at each other's throats. "We're starting to incorporate that now, using the business of Jabot. Since I (Katherine) went back into the business of business, I've been taking away some of Jill's power. You wanna go broke? Leave your company in the hands of Jill!"

Now the characters are getting back to the idea of "I don't really know if I like you." They're back doing what they used to do best - fighting. "The other day, we were filming some (confrontational) scenes, and Jess (Walton, Jill Abbott) says, 'Doesn't it feel good?' And the crew is like: 'Good! The girls are at it again!'"

Tormenting dreams

And Katherine Chancellor is once again on the Genoa City front burner, a place where she is most comfortable and where her fans love to see her. So, will we ever find out why Kay's been having tormenting dreams of a baby crying? Like any good soap opera, the story will be told in due time. With new producer Lynn Latham on board, Jeanne says: "More things will be happening. You will be shocked and surprised by the outcome. And you won't expect them at all."

Jeanne continues: "Lynn Latham is a new breath of life. She has brought so many good things to the show. With Lynn and the new staff, she is pulling bad threads out of the tapestry and weaving them back in a beautiful pattern. She's bringing Genoa City back to its glory."

Ms. Cooper is in her glory as well, back in the Y&R spotlight. "Katherine is the centre wheel of this town. She can walk into a household and create a story line just by walking in."

And so can Jeanne Cooper.

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