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Impending auction of Tosh's M-16 guitar sparks controversy
published: Thursday | November 23, 2006

Monique Hepburn, Entertainment Editor

Left: Andrea Brown and Paul Bucknor pose with Peter Tosh's 1970s Fender Stratocaster M-16 guitar. The guitar will be auctioned by the Flashpoint Film Festival on ebay from 10 p.m., Sunday, November 26 to 10 p.m. Sunday, December 3. - file   Right: PART OF THE TOSH FAMILY: Reggae singer Peter Tosh has nine children living in various parts of the world, as far away as Germany. Seen here in this September 1987 Gleaner photo (from left) are: Jawara; Mrs. Alvira Coke, Tosh's mother, from Belmont, Westmoreland; Niambe; and Horace. Niambe and Jawara are U.S. citizens.

The recent announcement of the impending auction of an M-16 Stratocaster guitar that belonged to late reggae icon Peter Tosh, has sparked controversy among his children, who say they were not informed of the intended sale of the instrument.

Jawara McIntosh, 26, the youngest son of the deceased artiste, told The Gleaner yesterday that the guitar belongs to the Tosh estate and it is his intention to recover items (including the guitar) that were previously thought lost.

"We want to recover all his belongings and we hope to get the guitar back," McIntosh said. "I see this as another injustice with regards to the Tosh estate. The family is outraged," he said.

Last week The Gleaner reported that the FlashPoint Film Festival, under arrangements with Andrea (Marlene) Brown, Tosh's common-law wife, would auction the guitar on eBay from Sunday, November 26 to Sunday, December 3, with the proceeds going to charity.

In a statement released yesterday, McIntosh claimed that "it seems even in death he (Tosh) cannot receive justice".

Dave McIntosh, another son of the late singer said yesterday that he has started dialogue with Flashpoint officials and requires two things.

Want auction cancelled

"I am not talking to her (Brown) right now," he said. "I want the auction to be cancelled and I want a meeting to discuss the matter."

Efforts to reach Paul Bucknor, one of the festival's founders and Ms. Brown were unsuccessful.

However, the festival's publicist, Allison Young told The Gleaner that the festival's organisers had no comment on the upcoming auction.

"This is between Marlene and the family. Flashpoint does not own the guitar. We were helping the family and if at this time there is an argument about ownership of the guitar, we cannot get involved. We have no further comment at this time."

However, in a release sent to the press yesterday, McIntosh said:

"A few days ago it was brought to the attention of the Tosh family, that our father's one-of-a-kind M-16 Stratocaster guitar, which was once thought to be lost, had resurfaced and had been scheduled to be auctioned off by the Flashpoint film festival on eBay."

"This guitar was given to our father by a fan in Los Angeles in 1983 during the Mama Africa World Tour. My brother, Horace Dave McIntosh, has been in contact with Flashpoint Film Festival and Marlene Brown, and is hoping to come to an agreement. "

"The Tosh family is doing everything in its power to see that this auction does not take place and wants the world to be aware of this ... We are not gonna give it up!"

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