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published: Wednesday | December 6, 2006

Lead Stories

Local polls put off again - JLP expects to oppose delay in House debate today
Despite threats of "political action" from the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), the Government plans to again postpone Local Government elections, the second time this year, until December 31, 2007.

More Stories
Big interest in PSOJ race, says Lopez
Malaria update
Hylton advocates sanctions to stop guideline breaches
Scrap the Secrets Act, says JLP
Main malaria breeding site found, treated
Kingston volunteers recognised
Portia off, Peter in charge


Christmas wish-list from the inner city
Even though few would readily admit it, many of us have a less than flattering view of people who live in Jamaica's inner-city communities. After all, with the constant reports of gang fighting and lawlessness, it sometimes seems ...

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Gleaner Company hails Digicel, PCJ, LoJ for support to education
Court clears Tewani, Messado of fraud
Free education for pre-schoolers - Arthur cites First-World vision for Barbados
Dolphin Cove attraction boosts Jamaica's tourism image
Ganja - lowest law enforcement priority!


Stock market climbs again... Analysts predict three-month bull run
The Jamaican stock market has entered a period of bouyancy and bullish-ness, according to analysts who project that the run will be sustained for at least the next three months. The number of transactions in volume and value of shares...

More Stories
Trinidad to invest US$360m in Caribbean Airlines launch
Britain's CAA proposes hike in airport fees... Air Jamaica facing more charges
Used-car sales down... But some dealers doing good business
Gary Allen to 'anchor' JNN, RETV, Spaulding to chair the board
Closing stock market indices
Oil field delays mean higher 2010 crude price, says EIA


Rain ruins ODI opener in Pakistan
RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (CMC): WEST INDIES captain Brian Lara said his side was already looking ahead to the second one-day international (ODI), after the opening game of the five-match series was rained out yesterday.

More Stories
Dunoon, St Hugh's to clash for crown
Georgia Club outplay Racquet-eers
Lady Avalanche lift basketball title
Harbour View face Portmore in women's first-leg final
Granville FC, Salt Spring clash in St James captain's bakery ko competition
Glowing tributes paid to 'Prendy'
Akhtar, Asif cleared


EDITORIAL - The Air J dilemma
It is always so much easier to spend other people's money - and to lose it. It is easier still when it is taxpayers' money and accountability is not consistent and immediate.

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Terrible road conditions
Happy New Year!
The Caribbean identity


LETTER OF THE DAY - Positive things are happening on the African continent
The Editor, Sir: Thanks for publishing the article in The Sunday Gleaner regarding the constant bad news about Africa. To ignore the fact that Africa has problems would be downright silly and disingenuous. The ravages of civil wars have played havoc...

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Disgust at dancehall music
Regarding Perry Henzell
Time to rise up
Helping the poor


Marley lyrics fetch US$72,000 at auction
NEW YORK (Reuters) A notebook containing handwritten lyrics by reggae star Bob Marley sold for US$72,000 at an auction of rock and pop memorabilia at Christie's on Monday. The Marley notebook, along with a handwritten poem by Doors...

More Stories
Mervyn Morris' 'been there, sort of'
'Hang On To Jesus', a happy jubilee despite odds
Jamaican wins Best Director at film festival

Profiles in Medicine

PUBLIC enemy #1 - The female Anopheles mosquito
About now, the infected female mosquito of the species, Anopheles, is public enemy number one. She could be carrying dangerous strains of the Plasmodium - a parasitic, single-cell organism - linked to the parasitic, protozoan infection known as malaria.

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Feverish search on for vaccine by 2025
HIS HEALTH: More on athletic prowess and prostate cancer
HER HEALTH: The other side of sex
DIETITIAN'S DESK: Cooking safe and healthy with oils
PHARMACY TODAY: Watch out for red flags
I AM WHAT I THINK: Unhappy, Trapped, Confused - Do these words describe how you are feeling about your marriage or relationship?
My sweating is embarrassing
Cardiac investigations in Jamaica (Part 4)


FIJI: Military stages coup, fourth in 20 years
SUVA (Reuters): Fiji's military took over running the country in a bloodless overthrow yester-day after confining the elected prime minister to his home in the South Pacific island nation's fourth coup in 20 years.

More Stories
UNITED KINGDOM: Commonwealth likely to suspend Fiji
POLAND: PM to fire deputy if sex charges laid
Pinochet was 'minutes' away from death, says son

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