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Redwood, an ideal J'can mix
published: Sunday | March 25, 2007

Zahra Redwood, Miss Superior Auto Parts- Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer


Name: Zahra Redwood

Age: 25

Height: 5'8 1/2''

Vital Statistics: 32-24-36

Occupation: Quality officer

Sponsor: Superior Auto Parts

Sunday Gleaner: Whydid you decide to enter the competition?

Zahra Redwood: It offers me a chance to showcase my penchant for Jamaica, which really goes the way of social work and psychology. I believe that if you can affect the way people think, you can affect the way they act. This pageant offers a platform for me to air my concerns, or rather act as a role model for Jamaican children.

How do you plan to improve Jamaica's chances at Miss Universe?

What I see is that I represent Jamaica in its entirety. Beauty, intelligence, charm, culture and dreadlocks. Bob Marley has long been synonymous with Jamaica and with all the attributes I possess, as well as my academic achievements, I will compete successfully as Miss Jamaica Universe in the Miss Universe competition.

How do you plan to use your entry in the contest to boost 'Brand Jamaica' locally and internationally.

My entry in the Miss Jamaica Universe pageant will assist in boosting 'Brand Jamaica' in pretty much getting rid of that stigma that we are just all about music. You think of girls who are very intelligent and who have a cause for entering the pageant and a patriotic cause for nation-building. And being a fan of these pageants will allow me to put a spin on how it is that Jamaica has been perceived by persons internationally and locally. They know that they are seeing something different. They are seeing the face of a Rastafarian, whose culture is so much Jamaican.

What will your platform be if you win the pageant?

I believe in mental health for all individuals, so if I win this contest I will emphasise mental health in all individuals islandwide and negotiate or lobby for social work centres islandwide so as to assist in improving the standard of living for our nation, so that our nation is being built in a positive way and our crime is brought to a much lower level than it is.

What does the Miss Jamaica Universe pageant say about the role of women in society?

It promotes beauty on all levels - mind, body and soul. It not just looks at the face,it also looks at the mind and substance that individuals have and the soul or persona, the way in which these females interact with those around them. The MJU pageant promotes women who are role models in all walks of life.

How have you benefited so far from the preparations you have received during the pageant?

So far I've benefited in the way I've interacted with a broader spectrum of personsalities in a positive way. It has allowed me to see what other persons from different backgrounds are like and how it is to get along with them in a positive way. It has assisted me largely with interpersonal relations.

What are some of your interests?

I enjoy parasailing and horseback riding a lot. On a tough day, however, just getting home I rather just watch HGTV. It helps me to relax greatly. I'm really interested in decor. If I'm not watching HGTV I'm watching ESPN, the whole car racing thing, because I really love fast cars. I enjoy serenity when I'm reflecting on the day's activities.

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