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Football fans pay homage to Cargill
published: Wednesday | April 18, 2007

"I THINK the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) can come on board with something like this ... like Harbour View," said Avril Cargill, as football fans paid homage to her husband, Peter, on Monday at the Harbour View Mini-Stadium.

Not many people might be familiar with the name Avril Cargill but she was the powerful woman behind one of Jamaica's most successful footballers.

One of Cargill's many clubs, Harbour View, for the second year, put on a football fest in his memory on Monday.

At the end of the day, the contributions collected were handed over to Mrs Cargill and her two children, Danique and David.

"I am really, really happy about this seeing that he has contributed so much to football, it is a gesture well done," she said.

"It feels good on one hand, but it brings back a lot of bad memories.

"But I appreciate it; the fact they have done this for the past two years and I hope it continues because I would like for his memory to live on."

Mrs Cargill, said prior to Peter's death, that she stopped attending football games because she couldn't cope with the abuse meted out to him from the fans.


"I cried before I came and before I went out on the field. Whenever I see football, there is a jealousy because I feel Peter should be out there. But as time goes by Ihave to accept that he is not here, life goes on.

"I am happy to see the players journey from the west coming to play and I hope it will continue even for others. I would like to see something like this even for 'Shorty' (Stephen Malcolm). I asked 'Tegat' (Paul Davis) what is happening down there for 'Shorty'," she said of the fellow national player who also died in a car accident.

Four games were on at Harbour View involving some of the teams and players Peter Cargill was affiliated with. Veterans like Ali McNab, Richie Murray, Lenworth 'Teacher' Hyde, Howard 'Juicy' Bell, Peter Prendergast, Paul 'Tegat' Davis, Durrent 'Tatty' Brown, Linval Dixon, Linval Wilson, Michael Tulloch, Hugh 'Bingy' Blair, Donovan Hayles, Barrington 'Cobra' Gaynor, Andrew 'Bowa' Hines, Andrew Williams, Dominique 'Dom Dom' Spaulding, Richard 'Duck' Green and Carlton 'Spiderman' Williams took part.

- H.W.

The first three games lasted 30 minutes each with Pelican Masters defeating Harbour View Masters 1-0 before playing to a 0-0 draw with Waterhouse Masters.

Then Waterhouse Masters clipped Harbour View Masters 1-0.

In the feature encounter, Camperdown All Stars courtesy of a rare Andrew Williams' right-foot screamer defeated the Jamaica Nationals 1-0 in a game in which Clint Reid made his refereeing debut.

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