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published: Sunday | April 22, 2007

Lead Stories

Tough to beat - Tufton poised to take St. Elizabeth South Westfor JLP; Seat always won by party forming government since Independence
Dr. Christopher Tufton is poised to give the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) a critical pick-up in St. Elizabeth South West where he currently enjoys a comfortable lead over his People's National Party (PNP) rival, the Reverend Stanley Redwood, according to a recent Gleaner...

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Fond farewell for Lara
Reinvest resources in communities - Nettleford urges reform of local gov't
EOJ conducts test voting
US study cites improvement in local justice system
New thinking is needed among officers
No jobs in sight for the blind
Romancing the seas
IDB funds renewal of inner-city community


The Reverend Stanley Redwood: Doing it his way
Even while declaring that he is his own man, the People's National Party (PNP) candidate for St. Elizabeth South West, the Reverend Stanley Redwood, has no intention of distancing himself from party colleague Donald Buchanan, saying the four-term Member of Parliament...

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Police seize 70,000 of convicted J'can drug money
Dr. Christopher Tufton : 'All politics is local'
St Elizabeth South West always picks winners
The 'feminisation' of poverty
Gleaner writer on SA tour
Bad cops weakening force


NHT goes upscale
The National Housing Trust (NHT), known generally to provide lower and lower-middle income housing solutions for Jamaicans, is to invest $280 million in the construction of 14 townhouses in upper St. Andrew, commencing September.

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NHT loan policy feeds market psychology
Beware the jokers in the insurance business
Software bargains and pitfalls
Riding the money wave - Investors still chasing hedge funds
Cuba's growing economy a springboard to global partnerships diversity


WI go down in thriller
BRIDGETOWN, Barbados: THE SUPER Eights round of the 2007 Cricket World Cup tournament ended in style at Kensington Oval yesterday with England, needing 88 runs from the last 10 overs, defeating the West Indies with one wicket...

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Call for Lara to reconsider
England name new coach
JFF seeks support for young Boyz
Lady T wins 68th Jamaica Oaks
Teams now playing for pride
N Manley take rugby title
Breese in form for Durham
Injury forces Asafa out
Ebony Strikers douse Fire Brigade in close contest
Jamaica umpires for US Open
ICC boss praises Grenada - 'First-rate' preparation, despite Hurricane Ivan damage
Thank you very, verymuch Brian


Clarifying the environmental levy
We agree with Audley Shaw'sinsistence that a transparent system of accountability be put in place for the environmental levy, which the Government plans to introduce on June 1.This newspaper has complained long and loudly about the poor health...

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An aberration in the justice system
Too much tax dialogue
Danger on campus
Language development


LETTER OF THE DAY - World Cup fallout will cut deeply
The Editor, Sir:I write to record my disappointment with the seating assignment at Kensington for the Cricket World Cup 2007.

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Cockpit tourism
God and politics


Sizing up a star
One more flickering light in the entertainment firmament promises Digicel's Rising Stars, as the new season shoots off with auditions this weekend. The show has unearthed a kaleidoscope of new talents in the music business, among them Cavan, Christopher Martin...

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Greensleeves takes Rising Stars overseas
Tandra Jhagroo - 'studious' reggae pupil
Ijahman Levi dances abroad first
The big flop and the big 'buss'

Arts &Leisure

TREASURED REMNANTS pattern the space at the Seaview Fine Arts Gallery, a sacred dedication to the memory of the late Colin Garland. Within the constraining space, gallery owner Wallace Campbell...

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Fine arts festival with a difference
'Little Lion' raises the pitch
A romance melodrama
In memory of George John (1920-2007)


I forgave my parents
"Is just a clean heart did it, a clean heart," says Joseph Bright (name changed), who has made it a principle in life not to harbour envious or bitter feelings towards other people.To look at his always cheerful face, one would think that his childhood...

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Do it differently - Discipline with love
Demonising dads - What does this often-heard warning say about mothers' ineffectiveness?
Do-it-yourself tips

In Focus

Phinn Portia & Prophecy
The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) should not worry that the prophecy that Portia Simpson Miller will win the next election will give her a tremendous psychological advantage in a deeply religious country, as the denominational divisions of Christians will substantially mitigate that effect.

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'What a nice place fi live'
Dialogue on the economy
Gender and sexuality: new challenges


Delta Airlines launches vacations package in Ja
Travel agents should be busily calling their clients as they have a new package to introduce from one of the newest airlines to try Jamaica.Delta Airlines, which opened gateways to Jamaica last year, is now offering their Delta...

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Pan Carib says thanks
'Ode' to Colin Garland


UN support package won't bring peace - Opposition leader
KHARTOUM (Reuters):A support package to help African troops in Darfur that includes the deployment of 3,000 United Nations police and military personnel will not stop the violence in Sudan's war-torn west, a key opposition leader said yesterday.

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Turmoil in Nigerian elections

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Cricket 2007

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