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'DreamGirls' in MontegoBay
published: Friday | April 27, 2007

DreamGirl's - Topal Crooks, Naamah Montique and Alicia Flemming - impressively imitating the movie stars and singers, Anika Rose, Beyonc Knowles and Jennifer Hudson, during a rendition of 'One Night Only' at the Blue Beat jazz lounge, last week Thursday night.

Janet Silvera, Senior Gleaner Writer


The pitch is higher than Whitney Houston's, the body is that of Aretha Franklin's and soul reflects Jennifer Hudson's.

It is all packaged in Jamaica's Alecia Flemmings, who ignited fire within the loins of music lovers, last week Thursday night at Blue Beat jazz club, in Montego Bay.

At the much-anticipated 'Live the dream for one night only', an adult audience hungry for entertainment with a difference, converged on the 'By Invitation Only' $1,000 per person 'DreamGirls' production at the Hip Strip's jazz and martini bar.

A Michelle Tulloch production, the public relations and marketing manager of Margaritaville Caribbean had Hipnotiq (cognac and vodka) flowing freely throughout the evening, as Alecia Flemmings played the role of Effie White, Topal Crooks was Deena Jones, Naamah Montique became Lorrell Robinson, and the only male in the group, Kyrie Pearson, did his take on Eddie Murphy.

Raw untapped talent

Those fortunate enough to get an invitation were urged to dress in semi-formal attire, but the women of the second city opted for contemporary chic, complementing the easy ambience that makes Blue Beat special.

But this event wasn't about the invited guests; it was all about the raw untapped talent in the resort town.

From as early as 10:00 p.m., when the island's 'DreamGirls', opened their vocal chords and repeated the words to the hit song One night only, the audience knew they were in for a special treat.

Exceptionally talented, they made way for the awesomely brilliant Kyrie 'Eddie Murphy' Pearson who donned a burgundy and brown 1970s era pants suit, a brown Kangol hat, 1960s classic shoes and belted the song Shining Star without much effort.

Eating out of his hands

But it was when he crooned All out of love that his true prowess was revealed.

Pearson's music moved up from his toes, moved into his abdomen, taking a deep breath, before he exhaled and the sounds reverberated around the jazz lounge. Pearson had the women eating out of his hands and the men in awe.

As for Naamah 'Beyonce' Montique, this firebrand was perfect in her delivery of Perfect Man,while her counterpart, Topal Crooks, a sexy, young performer showed incredible potential.

The well-rounded group was among a master of the trade , Alecia Flemmings who rendered the song that made Jennifer Hudson famous, I am telling you I'm not loving without you. She brought tears to the eyes of those she shocked with her incredible vocals.

At the close of a magnificent evening in the company of he great saxophonist Fitzroy Minott and emcee Germaine Phillips, the women wearing lilac gowns exited the stage with the title song DreamGirls.

Kyrie Pearson (right) belts, 'I am all out of love' with Naamah Montique during the blue beat presentation of 'DreamGirls', last week Thursday night. - Photos by Janet Silvera

Carol Bourke (left) and Donna Roache dance in their seat as they are thrilled by Montego Bay's 'DreamGirls'.

Air Jamaica's Sharon Austin (left) and Sharron Sloley are under the spell of the 'DreamGirls'.

Ian Dear (left) spends a night out with his parents, Denise and Winston, at the exciting concert at Blue Beat, last Thursday night.

Husband and wife team, Ray and Audia Jones are having a ball at 'Live the dream for one night only' show.

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