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published: Sunday | May 13, 2007

Lead Stories

'It wasn't murder!' Scotland Yard says Bob Woolmer died of heart failure
There has been a bombshell development in the Bob Woolmer investigation. A group of Scotland Yard investigators, who were asked to assist with the matter, have concluded that the Pakistan Cricket coach died of heart failure.

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JLP has a shot at St Andrew SE
Thanks mom!
Focus on Arnett Gardens - Reclaiming the community from criminals
Focus on Arnett Gardens - Violence cripples learning
'There is nothing to vote for' - Report reveals reasons for widespread apathy among young adults
Arsonists leave parolees at cross roads
Pain at the gas pumps! Public sector spent more than $1 billion on petrol in the last two fiscal years
Teaching courtesy in the classroom


Fire destroys downtown wholesale
Hearing-impaired George Wilkins briskly swept out water filtered with charred wood from his family-owned Wilkins' Furniture Establishment and Lees Chemical Outlet on Princess Street, downtown Kingston, as the businessplace was razed by fire yesterday morning.

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An explicit journey into apartheid
A Reviving Bath
Congresswoman to visit Jamaica
Political candidates clash during flood tour
JTA wants more loan access for master's, doctoral hopefuls
It's a tough time finding good jobs - New report highlights problems for immigrants
Focus on Arnett Gardens - Young volunteers working towards positive changes


Valerie Levy teams with international network of realtors - To market Jamaican homes to the world via Internet
In an attempt at international exposure as well as to market Jamaican real estate overseas, local realtor, Valerie Levy, has teamed up with the Chicago-based international association, LeadingRe, a worldwide network of independent real-estate agents.

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Jamaican bonds weather fiscal fallout
Insurance helpline - What to do if you survive a motor vehicle accident
Deposit insurance fund tops $3b
Commentary - Tourism limits to growth


Morton, Shiv to the rescue
RUNAKO MORTON and Shivnarine Chanderpaul rescued West Indies with an unbroken, fifth-wicket century stand as the tourists struggled in bleak conditions on the opening day of their three-day tour match against Somerset yesterday.

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Young guns all set for NY event
Not the best, but good enough
Mind Your Business
Il Caimano stuns rivals
Birdie streak takes O'Hair into TPC lead
Georgia Tennis Club selects new committee
Gayle passed fit after injuring hand
Granville seek to upset Montpelier
Nadal struggles to final
'St Bess' in charge
Warriors get better of Jazz


EDITORIAL - Brown reaching for UK leadership
Gordon Brown touched most of the right chords yesterday in opening his so far uncontested campaign to become the next leader of Britain's Labour Party and the country's next Prime Minister.

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Politics is a picnic
State funding parties 'a can of worms'
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Promises, promises and reality


LETTER OF THE DAY - Homosexuality thwarts natural generation of life
The Editor, Sir: Concerning the article 'Timely article on gay tolerance', by Anthony MacFarlane, April 21, like Anthony MacFarlane, I live in Hamilton, Ontario, and I can assure all Jamaicans that contrary to MacFarlane's claim, there is no prominent researcher here in Hamilton that "has proved that without question sexual preference is established in the womb due to testosterone."

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Jamaicans can learn to be tolerant!
Selassie our 'anointed one'
Inequity helps breed crime
Church must preach more basics


Mothers set the stage
On stage an entertainer is the life of a concert, the centre of attention, who seems to have the world in the hands that clutch the microphone. But before they were entertainers, they were all children with big dreams.

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Children take notes from singing mothers
Gospel fathers stand guard
Marley lives in Motherland
Saxophonist plays through Zinc Fence

Arts &Leisure

101 Snaps
It took him 11 years, but at last he's done it. Peter Ferguson last Saturday opened an exhibition and launched his book, a collection of 101 chosen prominent male changemakers in Jamaica's history.

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7 of 7
Literary Arts - Street Boy
Literary Arts - Relative Strangers
Nostalgic slice of life in rural Jamaica


Clive Patrick 'Japanese' Bowen - Prison walls no boundary for love
Clive Patrick 'Japanese' Bowen has been stretched, bent and folded, yet he refuses to have his mind, spirit or body broken. The potential Pulitzer winner remains behind a high-rise barbed wire aluminium fence, which stands guard around the grounds of the McRae Correctional detention centre, located in deep rural Georgia in the United States.

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Single in the City - A tiger never changes its stripes
Doctor's Advice - Can she improve her sex drive?
In praise of good mothers

In Focus

Press freedom in Jamaica - something to cherish
Most journalists in Jamaica simply do not know or appreciate the relative ease we have in fulfilling our role as 'watchdogs' of society. (Hepburn)

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Train parents to train children
Air policy and Air Jamaica
Homosexuality and sexuality ethics
Reviving, governing the Jamaican social agenda


A debut soirée well done
My dears, those in the know know that it is always a difficult task to follow on-stage a good act, unless of course, yours is much better than the preceding one. And even then, taking the stage, especially while the applause is still ringing...

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'Trumpeters' fêted
City of Kingston book launch a complete success
Ochi's in the bag


Pope Benedict warns Latin America's drug cartels
Pope Benedict warned Latin America's ruthless drugs cartels yesterday that they would face God's harsh judgment for wrecking countless lives across the region. After hearing moving stories of hardship and recovery from former cocaine and heroin addicts on the fourth day of his visit to Brazil, the Pope said drug abuse was a scourge throughout Latin America.

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Election seen as test of democracy
Hostage set free by Taliban back in Paris
Pakistani leader rules out declaring emergency
International briefs

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