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published: Sunday | June 24, 2007

Lead Stories

Voters ready - PNP holds lead, sitting MPs under threat
With election fever rising, core supporters of the governing People's National Party (PNP) and the opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), as well as formerly uncommitted electors, have swelled the ranks of both parties.

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Broadcast licences at risk
Migrants stifling May Pen
Pregnant for 'gangsta' - 'Good parenting skills needed to reduce teenage pregnancy'
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Robert Bryan reflects on Cricket World Cup 2007
Charles Town Maroons preparing for better future


Jamaica Labour Party working to unseat Pickersgill
The hierarchy of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) converged on the North West St. Catherine constituency, held by the People's National Party (PNP) chairman, Robert Pickersgill, yesterday.

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Holness cries foul at killing
Lauding a fearless woman constable
Youth Zoom Photo awards at Runaway Bay Heart Academy
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Business incubators in Kingston's inner city - Transforming jobless residents into entrepreneurs
The National Housing Trust (NHT) has given the go-ahead to establish a 'business incubator demonstration centre' to Trench Town, bringing new promise of sustained economic activity to depressed Trench Town and its neighbours.

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Sterling introduces 'no-fee' forex loans
Jamaica Stock Exchange creating business unit, junior market to boost listings
Petrojam buys two properties for US$7 million - Finalising financing for refinery upgrade
Bear Stearns' fund dilemma
Can the minnow beat the shark? The Antigua-US stand-off over online gaming


Jamaica's Asafa, Veronica impress
CHEERED ON by a packed grandstand at the National Stadium last night, world record holder Asafa Powell and Veronica Campbell won the men's and women's 100 metres titles to bring the curtain down on day two of the Puma/Supreme Ventures National Senior and Junior Championships.

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Sri Lanka, Bangladesh square off
'Slicer' closes gap on lead
'St Bess' take charge
Gay sets blistering pace to win 100m
Trotter upsets Richards in 400m
Rowe's courting success
Winds of change at Wimbledon
It hurts to talk about cricket
Mind Your Business


EDITORIAL - Uphold political codes of conduct
The skirmishes so far on the election campaign trail, mercifully, have been few and there have been no fatalities or reports of serious reports of injury, except for the incident in Woodford Park where four JLP supporters were shot and wounded.

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Broadcasting Commission getting tough
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LETTER OF THE DAY - How did legal eyes miss this?
The Editor, Sir: So rare it is that the media champion national institutions in Jamaica, and never on the front page, that I find myself in an unwanted position of criticising members of an institution that you find worthy of praise.

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Questions for National Solid Waste Management Authority
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Borobridge cottage not for sale
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Video light shines on Jamaica
At one time Jamaican singers were heard and not seen. Now colourful, energetic, reality-driven, fantastically imaged Jamaican music videos of varying quality are adrift on the airwaves, as Jamaica has seen a boom in the number of videos being produced by local artistes.

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Desi Jones well 'Skooled' in drumming
Eek! a giant Mouse!
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Arts &Leisure

Celebrating 'Big' in Jamaica
TWO WEEKS ago, world-acclaimed Colombian artist Fernando Botero surpassed his given three score and 10, biblically speaking, and turned 75 years of age. In celebration, some 200 persons, including members of the diplomatic corps, were invited to the opening of an exhibition of his copied works at Life of Jamaica Centre, New Kingston, by the Colombian Embassy.

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Book review - Good exposť of slavery, culture & gender
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Escape to Treasure Beach
North of Black River and south of the Santa Cruz mountains, Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth spreads its golden sands across Great Bay, Calabash Bay and adjoining areas. 'Treasure' is the generic name given to four coves - Billy's Bay, Frenchman's Bay, Calabash Bay, and Great Pedro Bay - that stretch for several miles south of Starve Gut Bay in St Elizabeth.

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Take off your mask and ask!
Doctor's advice - Young man with a damp problem
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In Focus

Media bias and democracy
It is never in the interest of politicians publicly to attack or criticise the media. They can't win that battle. While they have the right, like every other citizen, to criticise the media, it is a right they should waive.

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Jamaica's national security policy
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CARICOM and the future global system
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Gotcha, Josef!
Josef Forstmayr was about to board an American Airlines flight from the Miami International Airport to Jamaica on Tuesday evening when his phone rang. At the other end of the line was an anxious Alec Sanguinetti. "Josef, you can't board the flight," was the desperate plea from the executive director of the Caribbean Hotel Association.

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Auf Wiedersehen, Volker
National Commercial Bank thanks its auto partners
Celebrating Her Majesty's birthday
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Vatican City bids Blair farewell
The Vatican on Saturday bid farewell to Tony Blair as British prime minister, wishing him well in what it said were his plans to work for Middle East peace and inter-religious dialogue.

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West Africa pressured to curb illegal migrants
Dozens of militants killed
International briefs

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