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NOTE-WORTHY - Miracles in Jamaica
published: Friday | July 27, 2007

Miracles in Jamaica

Thousands of persons gathered at National Heroes Park on July 20, 21 and 22, 2007 for 'A Time for Miracles' crusade hosted by Ernest Angley Ministries.

The crusade started promptly at 6 o'clock, Friday, night with the Jody McAlla-led True Worshippers creating theatmosphere in the pouring rain. It was truly an awesome experience. Other local acts followed, then at 7 p.m. the chairman of the local crusade committee, Pastor Dr. Lloyd Maxwell introduced the speaker, Rev. Angley, pastor and founder of Grace Cathedral in Akron, Ohio.

Rev. Angley was called at an early age to minister the gospel and has a special gift to pray for the sick. Many received their miracle during his over-three-hour-long ministry and came back nightly.

Saturday and Sunday nights saw True Worshippers, Carlene Davis, Bishop Clinton Thompson, Sister Angell, UWAIS and Total Praise ushering in the presence of The Lord just before Rev. Angley ministered.

Accompanying Rev. Angley to Jamaica was his ministry team of 96 persons from his church who went among the people and ministered to them throughout the crusade.

They also distributed books written by Rev. Angley and Bibles. They, along with persons from local churches, served as ushers and intercessors for the duration of the crusade.

Among the church leaders and ministers present at the Crusade were Custos Bishop Dr. Carmen Stewart; Political ombudsman, Bishop Herro Blair; Bishop Dr. V. T. Williams; Rev. Dr. Al Miller; Rev. Peter Garth; Bishop Ainsworth Taffe; Rev. Dr. Douglas Robb; Bishop Everton Thomas; Rev. Ian Muirhead; Chevelle Franklin and Tommy Cowan.

- We are, etc.,A Time for Miracles' Crusade Committee

Flags for Independence

My dream is to see all communities across Jamaica literally littered with flags by PNP and JLP activists, particularly on this eve of our 45th anniversary of our 'out of many one people' independence festival.

All activists, foot soldiers and warriors, should be resourced and deployed with instructions to blanket communities with the Jamaican tri-colour and to emblazon all the land in our black, gold and green. I, like most Jamaicans, am disappointed in how we under-celebrate our national independence. It has fallen into a more and more low-keyed affair with each passing year. I would bet that any aspirant who was bold enough to counter intuitively, and against the herd, distribute the Jamaican tri-colour in similar abundance throughout their communities, and to lead their faithful in belting out our national songs, anthems and pledges at their rallies, rather than having a primacy of party songs, he or she would engender even more broad-based support. Only a bold patriot and nationalist could act outside the box in this way ; but, trust me, it would resonate with a much wider public and redound to her benefit. Regards and Happy Independence

- Harold Clarke, Kingston

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