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'Love Games' takes Centerstage
published: Tuesday | July 31, 2007

Glen Campbell was the DJ on duty and decided to try on this yellow number as he turned the wheels of steel. Simply smashing old boy! -Colin Hamilton/Freelance Photographer

Kingston, Jamaica:

The 2007 Jambiz Summer Production, Love Games opened recently at the Centerstage Theatre in New Kingston and part proceeds will support the Excelsior Past Students' Association.

These well-needed funds will be used by the association to assist its ongoing programme aimed at improving the school plant at Excelsior, at a time when all educational institutions are reeling under budgetary constraints.

Penned by Patrick Brown, widely regarded as Jamaica's number one scribe of comedic works over the last 10 years, Love Games has a young, talented and exciting cast of actors, led by Glen 'Titus' Campbell, one of Jamaica's best known comedic actors.

Commanded respect

Glen Campbell is an actor who has certainly commanded the respect of the Jamaican audience. Only superlatives can describe most of the characters portrayed by Campbell on stage since he made his stage debut way back in 1981 in Louis Marriott's rib-tickling comedy, Playboy. Since then, he has appeared to much acclaim in more than 50 productions, appearing onstage in Jamaica, the wider Caribbean, North America, Europe (England) and Asia (India).

Best known from the 1980s TV series Titus In Town, in which he played the leading role, Glen comes to Love Games fresh from the hit stage comedy Cutie and the Freak.

Many patrons are still talking about the acting range displayed by Campbell in that musical comedy, playing no less than four roles and playing all four with distinction. His portrayal of two of Cutie's suitors, the Rasta chanting 'Killer' and the eccentric church-going 'Ezekeil' - provided much of the fun and laughter in that production.

Love Games provides Campbell with the perfect opportunity to again put this tremendous acting range on display, as it is made up of six 'playlets' - Campbell appearing in four. In each of the four pieces, he brings the characters to life, skilfully making all four distinctly different and memorable characters.

Writer Patrick Brown is also well known to the Jamaican audience, having written most of the episodes of Jamaica's best known TV series, Oliver At Large (starring the legendary Oliver Samuels), as well as the annual Jambiz Christmas productions (Cutie and the Freak, Class of '73, Ras Noah & the Hawk, and many others).

The doyen of local theatre directors - the multiple award winning Trevor Nairne, again has directoral responsibility for another Jambiz Production. He shares this responsibility with the playwright, as was done to great effect in the previous Jambiz production, Cutie and the Feak.

The other cast members in Love Games are Camille Davis and Courtney Wilson, also fresh from triumphant performances in Cutie and the Freak, Maria Walters and Noelle Kerr.

Fastest rising young acting talent

Davis and Wilson are widely regarded as two of the country's fastest rising young acting talent. Davis created quite a stir on the local scene in 2005 in the immensely popular stage play VIBES, as the ghetto-fabulous Dimples. Wilson also appeared in VIBES, as the inquisitive gardener Watchie. The comedic chemistry between these two young actors in VIBES was a real tour-de-force.

Maria Walter in the production with young Noelle Kerr. Walters has been around for some time now, and is probably best remembered for her skilful portrayalof the aggrieved wife in David heron's blockbuster hit Against His Will. Kerr is a relative newcomer to the local stage. She honed her craft in the annual JMTC productions and recently distinguished herself in the award winning play After Mrs. Rochester, which walked away with the lion's share of the 2007 Actor Boy Awards.

The production will have a limited run at Centerstage, playing Wednesdays to Fridays at 8 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. As is customary with all Jambiz productions, the play will tour major rural townships across Jamaica before embarking on an overseas tour of select cities in North America.

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