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Jah Cure free but not forgetful
published: Sunday | August 12, 2007

Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

Reggae singer Jah Cure tried to do an almost impossible thing: enter the RTI Party 'Stages' in Negril unnoticed last weekend. - Mark Titus/Freelance Photographer

After years of reflecting through the bars of his jail cell, reggae singer Jah Cure is free to focus on new beginnings and ready to pursue his music.

It was eight years ago that Siccature 'Jah Cure' Alcock was prosecuted in 1999 at 19 years old for gun possession, rape and robbery. After belting out hits such Longing For, True Reflections and Love Is from prison, Jah Cure rose to success in Jamaica and across the world.

While in prison, Cure caused more controversy than most artistes in their entire lives. For years, cries of 'Free Jah Cure' punctuated many entertainers' performances, a cry that was also taken up by the public on walls, notice boards and more. On July 28, Jah Cure was released on parole, a free man with a haunted past.

Released fourth album

According to Jah Cure, he has paid for the brutal rape of a young girl and is looking forward to good things. True to his words, three days later after his release from the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre, he released his fourth album True Reflections ... A New Beginning. Over the Independence weekend, Jah Cure made public appearances at 'A St. Mary Mi Come From' in Annotto Bay, St. Mary, and various RTI parties in Negril, Westmoreland. His personal 'Curefest' will be taking place October 12-14, 2007.

"The album was released by VP Records. Expect nothing but good things. Straight positive love songs, social commentary, just talking 'bout struggles universally," Jah Cure told The Sunday Gleaner. According to Cure, it felt good to touch the stage again at 'A St. Mary Mi Come From', where he was allowed to perform in 2001. While he may not have believed it, the response from the crowd has been good.

"Positive, trust me, I haven't come cross any negative. I've just come cross warm love everywhere in the country. I'm grateful; I neva know so much people really love di works. Yuh can't get everybody respect, yuh caan tek your heart out, Christ come out and share fish and bread, so yuh just give thanks for who love and who don't love, a just earth. Anywhere mi stop, people a seh Cure. I was trying to go into RTI and a tell yuh that just describes it. Nuff people were trying to come close to me with love; if people hate yuh dem nah come up to yuh. Mi travel with my security team and is a good ting, 'cause dem waan tear the clothes off of me," he told The Sunday Gleaner.

Despite the fanfare that surrounds the artiste now, the memories of prison are quick to reappear in his mind. According to Jah Cure, it was difficult to keep positive while in such a negative place. "To stay positive in a negative place like that you must have wanted to do that, a mean a mus really who you are and that a come out of yuh. Anywhere yuh live yuh must live and learn from people, whether they were free or not. Prison change a few tings, like how I look at life. It's not sumting I can explain, but it's to be more humble, more humility. It comes out in my music still. Just to be humble and smart, that's di most important lesson," he said.

They are lessons that he had to learn on his own, as the prison provided no real means to improve upon himself. "Di prison nuh have nuting fi change nobody, nuting at all. Nuh heap of skills nuh down there fi help nobody at all. Mi do wah mi do, it work out. Nobody nuh provide nuh service," Jah Cure said.

Wheels are in motion to further increase his fame as a singer. "Mi just waan know di message a reach and being delivered. I have to have everyting. I want have a family, studio, houses, businesses, everything. As far as it tek mi," he said.

As for the girl he was convicted of raping and her family, the artiste has no plans to make contact with them, saying, "my sentence is done, that wouldn't be necessary, skip a new page. I feel happy to see my family again, my friends".

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