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'The Bold and the Beautiful' - This summer, things are heating up between Thorne and Donna
published: Saturday | August 18, 2007

Winsor Harmon

First he lost the love of his life, Darla. Then, just as he was starting to get over his loss and make a new life with Taylor, he discovers that Taylor was the one responsible for accidentally killing Darla. It's been a little more than a year since Thorne Forrester became a widower. So, how is he holding up?

Winsor Harmon, who has played Thorne for more than a decade, explains: "The loss of Darla was so great to him. On the one-year anniversary of her death, he told his mother (Stephanie, played by Susan Flannery) at The Bikini Bar, 'It's been a year; I should be over this'."

As Thorne was busy drowning his sorrows in alcohol and prescription meds, "all he wanted was for people to leave him alone. He was in his own little world. It's taking him away from the loss - he doesn't have to feel anymore."

Emotional downward spiral

When Winsor heard that his character was going to be making this emotional downward spiral, he says: "I was thrilled to play it. As an actor, you get to go to places you wouldn't go to, or shouldn't go to. I was excited. I did my research and studied up on the subject. I just got in there and let it go. I'm really happy with the bar scenes we've filmed."

And what else but the love of a woman could pull him out of these depths of despair? Donna Logan (played by Jennifer Gareis) initially came up with a plan to get even with Stephanie for her interference in sister Brooke's (Katherine Kelly Lang) custody of her children by getting involved with Thorne.

A relationship begun under a deceptive guise is never a good way to start. However, Donna has been good for Thorne. "Donna swoops in and immediately helps Thorne to get a handle on his drinking," Winsor says. Aside from her initial motives, "she absolutely has feelings for him. She always had been with bad guys, guys who cheat on her. Thorne is a nice, warm person, a family-oriented man. She's falling for that. She is a good person, despite what she did. I mean, everybody has a breaking point."

Donna's lies

Even Thorne. Usually content not to stir up trouble with his mom, this time he has taken a stand. He has told Stephanie unequivocally that he loves Donna, and he will marry her whether his mother likes it or not. "It's bad enough he is being used," Winsor says, "but to cower to his mother on top of that is quite another thing. When the truth about Donna's lies eventually does come out, the worst thing will be dealing with his mom saying 'I told you so'."

As Donna and Thorne have been getting closer, Thorne wants to make sure he does things right. "Donna is bringing him out of the fog he was in. She's beautiful; his daughter, Ally, loves her. He's really falling for her."

What makes a soap opera a good soap opera is excitement, and Winsor hints that there will be plenty of fireworks coming up. "Make sure you tune in for the wedding," he exclaims. "It'll be explosive with lots of drama. There's never a calm moment on The Bold and the Beautiful!"

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