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published: Sunday | September 2, 2007

Lead Stories

JLP favourite - Golding's party may win 32 seats or more, Portia's PNP could force tie
The Bruce Golding-led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) appears on course to win Jamaica's 15th general election in which 1.3 million electors will choose 60 members to sit in the House of Representatives tomorrow.

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All in the family


Samuda wants voting delayed in two areas
The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has recommended to the Electoral Commission the postponement of voting in two polling divisions in Central Manchester.The JLP made the request, claiming that their supporters and workers are...

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Manchester killings political - PNP
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Safe seats
Long-serving MPs could be blown out of their seats
Both parties calling for continuity
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Election drives up auto sales - Good August for SUVs
Major players in the automotive industry say the election campaigns have been good for business and are reporting increase in sales by four per cent or more.They said, outside of the usual...

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3,000 banana jobs lost - $420m needed to rebuild farms
Flow pledges cooperation on Matrix acquisition
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Offshore financial centres within the CSME - Tax and succession planning


Ja's Silver Saturday
OSAKA, Japan: MAURICE SMITH captured a historic silver medal in the decathlon while thewomen's and men's sprint relays were both second as Jamaica enjoyed a memorable night on yesterday's penultimate day of competition...

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False start mars meet
'St Bess' continue winning streak
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Countback launches Walker to gold
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Wrong move, Mr President


Ominous signs for tomorrow
We had dared to hope that the reduced levels of violence characteristic of the last two general elections and the early days of this year's campaign would prevail into tomorrow's polls.

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LETTER OF THE DAY - Shouldn't our educators be setting a good example?
The Editor, Sir: It was with disbelief that bordered on disgust that I watched snippets of the recently concluded Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA), conference.

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Jamaican music hits the road
Reggae and dancehall artistes are reaching as far as China, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Middle Eastern countries as reggae, one of the youngest yet most influential musicalgenres, continues to break new ground, carving out a niche in once strange territories.

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Stacious a grounded girl gangster
Andrene Lewis prepares for the large gospel stage
Born Jamericans' hip hop too early for dancehall

Arts &Leisure

Art pulses
At times, to be appreciative of art, you must become blind to what you perceive art to be. And so it was that two weeks ago, sombre drum beats by two Akawaaba drummers - Phillip, a ceramist and Clive, kept pace for some 100 patrons to be lost in the...

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Literary arts - After the Ache
Teacher, Lux Mundi, Dada


Keeping it in the'family'
IT IS said that the secret of success is doing what you like and allowing fame to follow. This seems to be the case with Dr. Tomlin Paul, winner of the University of the West Indies' Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, for the academic year 2006 to 2007.

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In Focus

Will fraud and violence be resisted?
The 2007 General Election has come to an end. Voting will take place tomorrow, Monday, September 3. Many will give a sigh of relief because of what they considered to be an unusually long period between the announcement of Nomination Day on July 8 and Election Day (August 27) - almost two months.

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What a soirée!
WESTERN BUREAU: Elegantly dressed aluminium buckets played hosts to Pinot Grigio, Lauren Pavier Rose, Ruffino Chianti and several of the world's finest wines, while fabulous Burgundy and Bordeaux goblets stood ready to satiate the taste buds.

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