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Bruce takes charge - Golding sworn in as Jamaica's eighth Prime Minister
published: Wednesday | September 12, 2007

Edmond Campbell, News Coordinator

Jamaica's eighth Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, with the Instrument of Office in hand, waves to a large crowd at King's House yesterday, after being sworn in by Governor-General Professor Kenneth Hall (second left). Lorna Golding (right), wife of the Prime Minister, and Rheima Holding Hall (partly hidden) look on. - Rudolph Brown/Chief Photographer

Calling himself the chief servant of the people, 59-year-old Orette Bruce Golding, Jamaica's eighth Prime Minister, declared yesterday in his inaugural address that his government would demonstrate, in its first 100 days, "political will", as it moves to eliminate corruption, protect the rights of Jamaicans, reduce crime, and fulfil its commitments to the people.

Prime Minister Golding, who was sworn in yesterday by Governor-General Professor Kenneth Hall at King's House, before thousands of people, pledged to "do what, in my best judgement, is right for Jamaica".

In what has become a familiar themein his last two major presentations - inclusiveness - Mr. Golding invited out-going Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to join hands with him to build a nation that was strong, just, peaceful and prosperous.

"I want to sit down with you, Portia. Let's talk about Jamaica. Let's talk about a dream that I believe we share for Jamaica whose people are at peace with each other, where equality and justice reign supreme," the Prime Minister said.

Targeting corruption, Mr. Golding said the practice was "much too easy and risk-free" in Jamaica, warning that his administration was going to introduce stiffer penalties for violations.

The new Prime Minister also called for a new order in which all Jamaicans would regard the government, regardless of the party that formed it, as "our government".

Mr. Golding said that over the next 100 days his Jamaica Labour Party administration intended to carry out the commitments made to the electorate in the party's manifesto.

He said the promises that his Government would honour during the first 100 days, were of necessity, those which did not require significant government expenditure.

The Prime Minister said that there was much that could be done to improve the quality of governance and people's lives that did not require large spending. "It requires political will. We will demonstrate that political will as we assume the responsibilities of government," he told the large gathering.

The new head of Government said he would announce within the next few days, a national Hurricane Dean clean-up day and invite members of the public, including civic and community-based organisations, to join in the move to clean up communities islandwide.

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