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CARIBBEAN flavour: Pressure builds from Virgin Islands
published: Sunday | September 16, 2007

Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

Pressure - Contributed

Love and Affection exploded on the reggae scene in mid-2007 and, with it, the sweet-voiced crooner Pressure. Hailing from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, Delyno Brown, aka Pressure has big plans for his future in music.

Growing up with father Irvin 'Brownie' Brown, a well-known local DJ, Pressure was always surrounded by music. "Music has always been a part of my life. I played trumpet and drums growing up, till I kinda came into music. Reggae music is an international music you hear on the streets and everyone listens to it. Shabba and Bounty Killer inspired me into the whole movement of music,"he told The Sunday Gleaner.

Currently, he is an admirer of Da'Ville, Alaine and Munga Honourable, among others.

Pressure soon began writing his songs and imitating Jamaican artistes so as to better pick up the slang. In 1998, he joined the Star Lion Family, a group which soon made it big in the Virgin Islands. Star Lion Family opened for all the major international acts that came to the Virgin Islands and Pressure soon decided it was time to go solo.

His debut album The Pressure is On was released to good reviews.

Pressure describes the album as a V.I. production, having been produced in the Virgin Islands by a V.I. producer who worked and toured with Jamaican singer Joseph Culture. However, it was when Pressure came to Jamaica to work with Don Corleone and released his hit single Love and Affection that he truly got his first big break.

Love and Affection holds personal significance for the singer, as "the song was inspired by the woman in my life".

"You have your ups and downs in a relationship and there are some things you cannot say in words that it's better off singing," he said. He and his girlfriend are still together.

Despite singing reggae songs, according to Pressure, he doesn't think anyone can classify his music into one genre. Sometimes he sings, deejays and mixes his music. Plus, there is also the influence from his native music, quelbe, which he describes as a mix of calypso and old-time ska.

With his future looking bright, Pressure has many projects in the works. "The new album is coming out soon on the Don Corleone label its called Love And Affection . We're also working on the video for my single Be Free. We're planning more music, more videos," he explained.

One thing Pressure can always look forward to is support from his family and his country. His father, as a DJ, is a big supporter and is always playing his music on the radio. For Pressure, being a Caribbean entertainer is very important and he says "it means a lot. The Caribbeanhas so much to offer, Caribbean music keeps our culture growing. My message is always positive and I bring love through my music".

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