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Doctor's advice - Clueless on clitoris
published: Saturday | December 15, 2007

  • Q. Doc, could you give me a good advice about the clitoris? I am a guy of 24, and so far I have had five girlfriends.

    To begin with, I thought I was great in bed. But now I have realised that very often these ladies were NOT too satisfied with my efforts! In fact, three of them 'ditched' me, saying that I was thinking too much of my own pleasure.

    The last girl who broke up with me told me where she regarded me as 'not paying enough attention to her body'. When I asked her what she meant, she said, 'Well, you have obviously never heard that girls have clitorises!'

    Doc, I do know that women have this thing called the clitoris. But I must admit that I am not too good at finding it, especially in the dark. So, can you please enlighten me? I feel that my future love life depends on your advice.

    One final point. Yesterday I met a real lovely Chinese girl, and I am thinking of asking her out. As she is Oriental in origin, would her clitoris be in any way different?

    A . Well, congratulations on realising that there has been something wrong with your sexual technique!

    OK, so let me give you a little 'anatomy lesson' on the clitoris - a lesson that quite a few younger men seem to need, judging by my postbag.

    The important thing to realise about the clitoris is that it is the equivalent of the male's penis. During a human baby's very early life inside the womb, only a few weeks after conception, there is a little bump on what will eventually be its genital area.

    If the baby turns out to be a BOY, then that little projection will turn into a penis. But if the pickney is a GIRL, then it will turn into a clitoris.

    Now that is why the clitoris is such an important source of pleasure in the female. It is packed with much the same sort of erotic nerve endings as the penis has. It swells up when the woman is excited - just like the man's penis. Stimulation of it is by far the best way to produce female orgasms - in the same way as stimulation of the penis is the most efficient way of causing male orgasms.

    Therefore, it is foolishness for a guy to ignore the clitoris. If you want your lady to be happy, and to discharge easily, then you have to know how to stimulate it.

    But where exactly is it? Like a lot of younger guys, you are obviously not too clear about this. I will explain its location in one moment, but I think you would find it helpful to look at the position of the clitoris in a picture. So, as you have access to the Internet, I suggest you get on to Wikipedia encyclopaedia, and then tap in the word vulva.

    The vulva is the opening of the vagina, and if you look at Wikipedia's 'front-on' picture of it, you will see precisely where the clitoris is. Women's vulvas have two sets of lips - the outer and the inner ones. And the clitoris is located just where the two inner lips (the labia minora) meet at the front.

    Pink in colour

    It is not very big - about the size of a small gungo pea, in fact. It is pink in colour - in all races. So if you ever get your beautiful Chinese girl into bed, you will find that hers looks the same as anyone else's, and is located at exactly the same spot.

    Recent research by a female doctor in Australia has revealed that this important organ stretches quite a long way under the skin, and up the front wall of the vagina. But the part that you can see and touch is real tiny - even when it is in an excited state.

    Today, I do not have space to describe exactly how to stimulate the clitoris. So I will return to this topic at a later date. But now you know exactly where and what the clitoris is, you will have a better understanding of female sexuality.

  • Q. I am a 41-year-old woman and my right nipple has suddenly turned in. Does this matter?

    A. Yes! If a nipple suddenly turns inwards, that indicates something wrong within the breast. At age 41, it could possibly be cancer, so you must see a doc this week. Do not delay.

  • Q. I am a girl of 18. Would I come to any harm if I don't have sex till I get married at, say, age 26?

    A. No harm at all. Indeed, if you remain a virgin, you will probably avoid a lot of fretting and trouble!

  • Q. Greetings, doc. When is the best time to 'come' inside your girlfriend without her getting pregnant?

    A. Well, a woman can get pregnant at ANY time of her monthly cycle - even during her menses - though that is rare. Conception is LEAST likely just before a period. It is MOST likely around 12 to 14 days after the start of the menses if she has a 28-day cycle.

    But to discharge inside her at any time of the month is asking for trouble. Why not use a condom?

  • Q. Doc, I have been told that I have a hernia in the lower right corner of my belly. What is this? Is it the same as a rupture?

    A. Yes, the words 'hernia' and 'rupture' mean the same thing. This is a weak spot in the wall of your belly through which internal organs are bulging. Result: You see a lump in the groin. Hernias in this part of the belly are real common. Generally, you need to take an operation to get rid of them.

  • Q. I am a businesswoman, age 35. I have two lovers, and I notice that one of them 'leaks' a little fluid, long before he discharges. Could this liquid make me pregnant?

    A. Yes. The 'dew-drop,' as it is often called, can contain sperms. So I really would urge you to practise safe sex - especially as you are taking a bit of a risk by having two lovers.

  • Q. I am a young guy, and I have a problem in my privates. So I went to a doctor, and he said it is herpes. But I have only been with two girls, and they don't have herpes. Please explain, doc.

    A. Well, you don't KNOW that these girls do not have herpes. One of them may well have it, but hasn't told you. Indeed, it is possible that she doesn't realise that she has it. Anyway, I guess you must accept the doctor's diagnosis. Please follow his advice as to treatment. And please, don't have sex with anybody till the doc tells you it is safe to do so.

  • Q. Doc, for the last month I've been feeling a pain in my side and back when I urinate. Why?

    A. Sounds like you have a urinary infection, which may have spread to your kidney. See a doctor on Monday, taking a urine specimen with you.

    Want advice from the doc? Email

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