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published: Sunday | December 16, 2007

Lead Stories

100 days of Golding: 'It is a basket of success and failures' - analysts
Political commentators and the parliamentary Opposition have identified a mixture of success and failures in the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) first 100 days in office.

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100 days of Golding - Slow going on the legislative front
100 days of Golding - West mixed about PM's stewardship
Lawyers land victory over the Jamaican Bar Association
'PM acted in bad faith'


Plans to improve hospitals coming
Minister of Health and Environment Rudyard Spencer says the Government is moving ahead with plans to improve hospitals across the island in time for the abolition of user fees in April 2008.

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New Coadjutor Archbishop of Kingston presented
Home ownership stimulates development, says Governor-General
THE 2007 CXC RESULTS - What will the new administration do about education?
Tame-Durrleman - exploring the unique Jamaican creole
Churches urged to pray for male population


FSC says Cash Plus must show accounts by Decermber 20 - Regulator wants full details on assets and liabilities
Saying that it is fearful for the safety of money "loaned" by thousands of Jamaicans to the controversia investment scheme, Cash Plus, the Financial Services Commission (FSC) has given Carlos Hill's organisation until December 20 to disclose details about its assets, including how and where they are held.

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JHTA boss defends US$10 room surcharge
JPS investing another $0.5 billion to curb power theft
Week on the web - E-payment solutions for small businesses (Part II)
Island Grill outlet opens in Barbados
The global politics of food


Mighty Maceo
GARVEY MACEO claimed their first daCosta Cup crown following one of the most closely fought finals in recent times against parish mates and defending champions Glenmuir at Brancourt yesterday.

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FIFA bans high-altitude games
'Fab five' seek glory Down Under
Lawson and the WI selectors
It is I wins Ashenheim Cup at Caymanas
Green, Barnett run away with cross-country titles
Portmore fancied in final
Man City beat Wanderers 4-2
Windies and Proteas lock horns today
Sunday Chat - Canny Campbell breaking boundaries with a whistle
Martin is taking his game to a higher level
Celtics remain unbeaten at home


EDITORIAL - Disturbing PSC manoeuvres
Artful manoeuvres will not, in the long run, settle the profound questions of governance and constitutional rule that have been highlighted by Prime Minister Bruce Golding's purported firing of the Public Service Commission (PSC) in his attempt to thwart one of their appointments of which he disapproves.

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Fiddling while Rome burns
Taking the PM to court
Things look bleak for Bruce
Termination illness
The church - purity and popularity


LETTER OF THE DAY - English examination results no surprise
The Editor, Sir: Why should we find it so strange that there was a low percentage of success in English for the students who wrote the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination? Your lead story of Friday, December 14, also stated that the pass rate in mathematics was also low, but I would like to reflect on English only in this article.

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'I did not say that'
Expectations too high?
Rubbish, Dawn Ritch!


Cops disarm with music
While changing the country through their vigilance, Jamaica's policemen help to lighten their souls and image through music. This year has not been the best for Jamaican police officers, with 20 from their ranks having been murdered, but they are keeping the faith through music.

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How 'I'mportant is VIP?
Glory days - Cargill Avenue a two-way dancehall road
Women differ on clashing
A 're-Fugee' makes world his home

Arts &Leisure

Celebration from the arts
WATCH OUT! Pat Ramsay, the University of Technology's director of art and culture, is on the prowl for the best of Jamaica's art and culture. Recently, as curator, she hung works by five artists in 'A Celebration of Art' exhibition, sponsored by Scotia's Private Client Group in the Devonshire.

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Literary arts - Into the Hills
The Obeah Woman - Part I
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Darren Hall - Number one in the world
Darren Hall, who hails from Bamboo, a small, rural agricultural town in St. Ann, secured the highest passes internationally, in the 2006 City and Guilds Applied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering diploma programme. His secret, Darren says, lay in preparing for classes long before the material is presented to the class by teachers.

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Single in the city - What's so wrong with being single?
Doctor's advice - The facts about 'multiples'
Outlook Youth - Christmas wish list for 2007

In Focus

New money challenges old money
The most dominant driver of change in the present era is the ballooning of international trade. Since the first oil shock in 1974, industrial countries have been forced to re-order their production regimes, trading patterns and international relations to compensate for the huge increase in the cost of oil. (Seaga)

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Where's the crime plan?
Why climate change affects you
Debating Christmas values
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Kathy Constanzo's dream comes true
For Kathy Constanzo every child has a success story. On Saturday, December 8, the Palmyra Foundation chairman's voice broke as she related the education plight of several of the island's children. At $10,000 per person, Constanzo and her team had managed to fill all the chairs set up in the new Shoppes at Rose Hall, leaving standing room only...

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