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Making merry with royalty, flamenco
published: Friday | February 22, 2008

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

SSCO's Stephanie Scott - Peta-Gaye Clachar/Staff Photographer

My daahlings, it's the age of the moon, lunar eclipse and all, with Wednesday night being especially fabulous as lovers and friends gathered at select locations to break open a bottle (or two) of Chardonnay (or Merlot), to share in the spectacular lunar show. And, my dears, it was an awesomely fabulous celestial show.

And speaking of fabulous shows and outings, Jamaica's Consul General to Cayman, the illustrious Robert Hammity, he of Tortuga Rum cake fame and legendary businessman, celebrated his 60th birthday last Saturday.

The two-day shindig included a fabulous dinner on Friday night and a spectacular party on Saturday. A number of Jamaica's leading citizens, plus a number of international jet-setters, flew in for the affair that was so fab, people are still talking it.

Luvs, it was the kind of a smasheroni that even the Caymanian authorities could appreciate, and so no hassle for the hordes of guests who descended on the island for the celebrations.

You know, we are talking a fine event here when former Miss World, the oh-so-hot Cindy Breakspeare, shared in the musical honours, alongside her talented musical hubby, Rupert Bent.

This one was an outing and a celebration of friends, life, and the good times, and my dears, spiritedly so, with the likes of such social luminaries as the fabulous Marge Geddes; legendary developer and real estate tycoon Frank Hall; the supremely elegant Lorna Myers; style doyenne Jennifer Lim; celebrated chef Art Smith, (who, a few years ago, flew to Jamaica and prepared a feast for an Eddie Seaga US$1,000 per plate fund-raiser); Betty DeLisser; celebrated artist Guy Harvey and wife Gillian Harvey; Phillip Rousseau; legal luminary Raymond Alberga; Her Worship Judge Margaret Ramsay, were just a few of the luminaries who were in attendance.

Heir to visit

His Royal Highness Prince Charles greets Paymaster's Audrey Marks (left) at the charity dinner held at St James Palace, London, England, last November. Proceeds of the dinner will assist the Prince's Rose Town, Kingston, initiative. Also at the dinner are Hank Gitmar (second left) and American Ambassador Brenda LaGrange Johnson. - Contributed

And speaking of fab-fests my dears, it is now official, His Royal Highness Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, arrives in Jamaica in mid-March for a series of official engagements.

Also expected next month is former Canadian High Commissioner to Jamaica, John Robinson, who is jetting in for some rest and relaxation as well as to catch up with and break bread and make merry with friends of long standing.

And while Robinson is expected, the wife of his successor (former Canadian High Commissioner Claudio Valle) Louise Valle, arrives in Jamaica today for a few days but with a schedule that is akin to a state visit!

Luvs, hers promises to be a whirlwind of dinner parties, cocktails, brunches and soirees that will see her guesting from the east to the island's north shores.

And the charming Frances Allison jetted into the island from her Long Island, New York, home on the weekend to vacation in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Linstead and Kingston, before returning to New York via California, at the beginning of March.

She plans to return in early November for the annual Laing, Francis, Gazadeer and Jackson family reunion in Discovery Bay.

And, luvs, tickets for the year's stellar culinary event, the Stephanie Scott brainchild, Flutes and Flames gala dinner and champagne prelude, are out for the premier event slated for the Terra Nova All-Suites Hotel poolside on March 7, and they promise a might fine outing.

My dears, wait for this one, as indeed, it promises to be all that, and then some!

Then, luvs, if flamenco is your thing (it is mine), then you simply can't miss the Una Noche De Gala - One-night gala - as on March 4, the Flamenco Dancers of Spain, under the distinguished patronage of Their Excellencies, Spanish Ambassador Jesus Silva and Mrs Sara De la Lastra Silva, will be patrons at Jamaica's first ever flamenco showcase.

It's a one-night gala performance of Spanish flamenco ensemble at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel, with special guest performer, flamenco singer, Manuel Lombo, in what promises to be a premier social and entertainment affair.

Ides of March

With Reggae Month all set to close, now it's all about anticipating the Ides of March, and nothing but. And very special belated birthday wishes to the oh-so-fab songbird and lady of style, Georgia Henry, who celebrated her birthday yesterday.

On Sunday the 24th, however, it will be the fabulous Ingrid Green's turn to celebrate her birthday.

And luvs, it promises to be a blast and nothing but, as friends and family are all set to gather at the St Andrew home of Sadie McBean for the shindig.

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