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published: Sunday | February 24, 2008

Lead Stories

Less care of boys
Girls are favoured over boys in the provision of high-quality health care and expenditure on medical treatment, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has reported recently. The report suggests caregivers, who are mostly mothers, generally spend more on girls' health than that of boys.

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No gender disparity in health care - Simms
Gender expert Dr Glenda Simms does not accept the findings of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) that indicate parents favour girls over boys in dispensing care. She says the UNICEF data are likely overgeneralised ...

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US still leading tourism market, says World Travel council head
Freedom in the era of slavery: The case of the Barclay brothers in Jamaica
Road dispute lands in court
Climate change shrinking Carib fish stocks


New quarrel over 'Old Hospital' site - Horace Chang blocks park development
A near two-decade old quarrel between Montego Bay and central government over seafront property on Gloucester Avenue resurfaced this week after signals from Kingston raised new concerns that the property was back on the drawing board for commercial development.

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Mortgaged condos need 'double insurance'
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Is the EPA good or bad for small companies?


Jago survive Calabar scare
DEFENDING INTER-SECONDARY boys champions Calabar High gave St Jago High's crack sprint quartet a huge scare before losing in the final strides in an exciting end to the Gibson Relays Class One 4x100 metres relay at the National Stadium yesterday.

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Bangladesh claim edge over South Africa
Portmore aim to extend lead
Royal Image impresses Ellis
Birmingham hold Arsenal to 2-2 draw
Holy Family edge out Maxfield
Barnes picks eight for training in Britain
T&T clinch spot in final
Kiwis lift ODI series
Young West Indians among the also-rans


EDITORIAL - Serious energy policy needed
He was not the first to raise the red flag, but Derick Latibeaudiere's observations last week about Jamaica's weak efforts at energy efficiency and conservation and the danger these posed to the Government's fiscal arrangement were worthwhile and timely.

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LETTER OF THE DAY - Shame on you, Ms Ritch!
The Editor, Sir: I Sunday Gleaner columnist Dawn Ritch: Dear Ms Ritch: I am writing in reference to your article of February 17, "Obama the Imposter". The definition for miscegenation is "Interbreeding of races whites and non-whites." Now, Ms Ritch, who would be non-whites?

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Yard over 'broad' - Jamaican artistes favour local music awards
It's not quite at the stage of the Grammys, but for Jamaican performers, the local music awards have been blossoming quite well.

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Arts &Leisure

Digital art - The Jamaican revolution
Illustration and painting have traditionally been viewed as two distinct areas of study. While painting is considered to be inspired and culturally significant, it is also considered financially unrewarding.

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Historic exhibition opens at National Gallery
African culture invades Port Maria
Book Review - Intimate experiences
Literary Arts - Sin of a Preacher Man
Guest Reviewer (Daviot Kelly) - More than just a 'music book'


Marjorie Hylton - Working with God to save lives
If you've ever had major surgery at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) in Mona, chances are you have dealt with Nurse Marjorie Hylton. A 26-year veteran of nursing, she was the hospital's first nurse anaesthetist...

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In Focus

Dancehall's betrayal of reggae
Reggae Month cannot end without someone's saying that the dominant trend in dancehall represents a betrayal of reggae; the tragic case of the child doing violence to his mother. Reggae differed from mere pop music which was for entertainment and frivolity. Reggae was serious without being sombre. (Boyne)

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All glitz and glamour
It was all glamour and glitz at the American Women's Group (AWG) Hollywood Ball last Saturday. With the 'paparazzi' (really a group of young volunteers) lining the red carpet leading to the ballroom, it was Hollywood style from the entrance.

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Enigmatic Epica
Last year, when Automotives did GM Challenger's Chevy Epica, we wondered how well it would do in the marketplace. At the time, it had the engineering, the space and the driving experience to compete with the likes of the Toyota Camry, the Honda Accord.

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