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KIG - oldest Ford dealership in the world!
published: Friday | April 25, 2008

Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter

Roy DeSouza (left), auto dealer stalwart, receives his citation from William McConnell at the Kingston Industrial Garage 100th anniversary reception and dinner held at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel, Waterloo Road on Thursday, April 17. - photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

The Henriques brothers (Emmanuel, Rudolph, Vernon, Horace, Owen and Fabian) are smiling from somewhere in the great beyond.

Their creation, Henriques Brothers, now known as Kingston Industrial Garage (KIG), celebrated the century milestone last Thursday evening with a dinner at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel. Customers, business partners and car enthusiasts, all came to mark this auspicious occasion. The entrance to the dining hall was adorned with classic Ford cars; a 1931 Model A, a 1973 Escort and a Model T, the car that made Ford famous.

Among top auto dealers

KIG also sells Subaru, Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles and has cemented its place among the top auto dealerships in the island. There were various photographs showing milestone events, including its beginnings on Pechon Street, the fire that destroyed its then Church Street building in 1948 and the present location on Spanish Town Road.

Mike Simon, representing Ford USA, lauded KIG's dedication to the Ford brand and announced that KIG was actually the oldest Ford dealership in the world. Two scholarships were presented to benefit young people studying automechanics and auto dealership stalwart Roy DeSouza was honoured.

Unbroken service

But the biggest applause was for Wilfred 'Jessie' McMarrow, who was rewarded for his 62 years of unbroken service to KIG.

Guests celebrating the anniversary included Anthony and Jean Bell, Brian Stevenson, Tarun Handa, Pat Reid, Kent LaCroix, Merrick and Camille Needham, Catherine McDonald, Rev Major Sirrano Kitson, Marilyn Bennett, Courtney Campbell, Oral McCook, Judith Douglas, Richard Powell, E.G. Hunter, Darcy Tulloch-Williams and Anthony Hylton.

Prime Minister Bruce Golding (right) looks for the ignition switch on this Ford Model T, with the help of William McConnell.

Mike Simon (left), director of export and global customer service at Ford Motor Corporation, receives an award from William McConnell, signifying KIG's relationship with Ford.

Prime Minister Bruce Golding (centre) jokes with Mike Simon (left) of Ford Motor Company, and William McConnell.

These women definitely know how to light up an already auspicious occasion. Here (from left) Patricia McConnell, Judith Forth-Blake and Madge Flake add their glamour to the event.

Arlene Anderson (left), customer service representative, and Orlene Dixon, from the payables and receivables section, of Kingston Industrial Garage, pause for our camera.

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