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Celebrating in great style
published: Sunday | April 27, 2008

Dorothea Gordon-Smith (second left) greets guests, (from left), Sumeet Sherm, Elvira Kock and Randy Thomas, at her Cherry Gardens Home two Saturday nights ago for her 60th birthday party celebration.

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

My dears, you know we are talking one serious party here, when the invitation arrives in a purple silk pouch, simply saying, 'Celebrate With Me, 'The New Forty'. It demands that you 'dress to puss back foot, and wear your dancing shoes.

Such was the 'decree' announcing the 60th birthday of noted businesswoman and socialite, Dorothea Gordon-Smith.

When it all unfolded at her upper-St Andrew residence, two Saturday nights ago, there was no doubt that guests stuck to the prescribed celebratory formula, and partied heartily to make for a truly memorable occasion and a significant milestone.

Well, it was like that. From the very get-go, the die was cast and this was going to be the party of parties. With the new consciousness focused on healthy living and lifestyle changes, the process of growing older has become less wearisome and has evolved into a fine art, and then some.

New 40th indeed

And so it was, my dears, that when the invitations went out, exhorting friends and relatives to join Gordon-Smith in celebrating her 60th as her new 40th, there were precious few, if any at all, who would have argued that her assertion was anything but the truth.

Dorothea Gordon-Smith - Miss Dor - to her friends, was radiating beauty, style, class and charm, as she welcomed friends and family to her Cherry Gardens home. And my dears, it was quite the party!

Luvs, there was a shuttle service from the parking lot just under a city block away, to the venue. The residence itself was decorated to reflect the celebratory nature of the occasion, with the west lawns circled with a number of marquees housing various culinary delights. The east lawns were transformed into a party playground, emphasised by a mega-size bar and dancefloor. The area between the dancefloor and ring of marquees was done in lounge mode, accessorised with giant bean-lounges, cocktail stools and café-style tables.

Luvs, we are talking a fab setting here and nothing but, with a battery of staff on hand, to attend to the invited guests. And with the twinkling lights of the city making for the perfect backdrop, the only thing required of guests was that they enjoyed themselves.

And they did, absolutely no prodding needed. Pumpkins, dance they did, and then some!

Sweet-things, in between sampling the ample food bars that ran the gamut from ethnic Indian, Jamaican fare, through to continental and the lavishly flowing bar, guests had a whale of a good time.

Great party

Oh my word, what a party! And none partied harder than the birthday girl. She was looking absolutely fab, in flowing electric blue, dancing up a sensational glow! Precious angels, the night clearly belonged to Gordon-Smith, and she revelled in it, with her partner and beau, businessman and restaurateur Rajiv Bakshi, like a rock star!

And Luvs, simply put, it was that kind of a party - a fabfest, and then some. Famed Renegade Disco, took no prisoners as they dished out the pop and contemporary dance arias of the day.

Among the notables were her son, O'Neil Gordon-Smith and his wife Dr Debbie-Ann Gordon-Smith, and daughters Taquise and Luciana. Siblings, Algernon O'Neill and wife Marie; Basil O'Neill and wife Polly; Errol O'Neill and wife Pat; Frank and Lorna O'Neill; Claudette Creary and husband Victor.

We spotted Ambassador Don Rainford; Kenny Benjamin and his companion Aloima Suárez; Douglas and Melanie Graham; Charley Johnston and wife Lisa McGreggor Johnston; Maurice Foster; Ronnie and Suzie Burke; Harold Brady; Peter Millingen and his wife Stacy Barbar Millingen; sibling Jeremy Millingen and his wife Lisa. Also out were Dr Billy Lockyer, Scarlett Gillings, Ian Garbutt and companion Sonia Khan; Al Niazi, Rupert Bent and wife Cindy Breakspeare; Anthony and Jeanne Bell; Steve and Betty Ashley; Judith Douglas, Ian and Gillian Rowlands; Michael Lindo, Eleanor Jones, George and Yvonne Campbell and several scores more.

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