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'They looked so innocent' - Residents shocked alleged cop-killers were their neighbours
published: Tuesday | May 27, 2008

Rasbert Turner and Mark Beckford, Gleaner Writers

Following yesterday's fatal shooting of two men implicated in Friday's gun murders of two policemen in west Kingston, the police are imploring Jamaicans to know their neighbours.

Warren 'Border Hittis' Failey, 32, and Seamel Tycon, both of Trench Town, west Kingston, addresses, were killed in a police/ military operation in Westmore Gardens, near Spanish Town, St Catherine, yesterday.


Lance Corporal Oral Pinnock of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) was also killed in a reported crossfire.

Deputy commissioner of police in charge of crime, Mark Shields, is pleading with citizens across the island to be vigilant.

"If you see a strange face living next door, trust your instincts and call the police," Shields told The Gleaner yesterday.

Tycon and Failey have followed the route of other wanted men like Donovan 'Bulbie' Bennett, deceased leader of the Clansman gang in Spanish Town; Joel Andem of the Gideon Warriors gang andEldon Calvert, leader of the Montego Bay-based Stone Crusher gang.

They had fled the hot spots of their communities to find solace in quieter districts.

When The Gleaner visited the Westmore Gardens community yesterday, several residents who converged at the death house said they were shocked to learn that the men were wanted by the police.

"They looked so innocent and we thought they were spending time with family members or friends," remarked a male resident.

Two firearms - a Glock 17 pistol and a Cavandai 9mm pistol - with nine 9mm cartridges, were taken from the men.

A barrage of gunshots

The residents said they were awakened by a barrage of gunshots which disrupted the quiet nature of their peaceful community, yesterday morning.

The house, however, did not display any signs of a major shoot-out, with no visible bullet holes, suggesting that all the action occurred inside.

Minister of National Security Colonel Trevor MacMillan condemned the shooting of the JDF soldier.

He described the killing as devastating and expressed condolences to the family and colleagues of Lance Corporal Pinnock, noting the loss would be especially hard for his wife, who is expecting their first child.

  • When new people move into your community, keep an eye on them.

  • If neighbours become 'too kind', especially to children, check them out.

  • Write down the licence plate number of strange cars circling your community.

  • Try to remember at least the first two numbers, the last two letters and the colour and make of the vehicle.

  • Get involved in the neighbourhood watch in your community.
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