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Jamaica Gleaner Letters
published: Tuesday | May 27, 2008

LETTER OF THE DAY - NAJ should get its facts straight
The Editor, Sir: In its statement opposing abortion law reform (The Gleaner, May 5), The Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) displays the strong, positive values for life that we all share. But, the report on its position of opposition to abortion law ....

Reggae maths!

The Editor, Sir: I am having difficulty getting my eight year old to learn her time-tables. I have even purchased musical CDs with the timetables but the music is 'foreign' to her. She knows most of the popular Jamaican hit songs word for word without any effort.

Zinc-fence danger zones

The Editor, Sir: I learnt, with regret, of the murder of the two constables in Federal Gardens, south St Andrew, on Labour Day. I deeply regret their deaths and express condolences to their families, relatives, friends and colleagues.

Increase use of public transport

The Editor, Sir: In a discussion on a radio station on March 17, it was suggested that one way to reduce the effect of the increasingly high cost of gas was to make more use of public transportation. To do this, I am suggesting certain changes in the Jamaica Urban...

The right to life

The Editor, Sir: This is my response to Ian Boyne's Sunday column of May 25;Ian:Thank you for a very reasoned discourse about the issue of homosexuality not just in Jamaica, but internationally. . We don't live in a bubble and we should recognise ...

Let garrisons police themselves

The Editor, Sir: The brutal murder of the two young policemen, in the line of duty, on Friday, May 23, is sending a chilling signal that people in certain areas of our country really do not want or appreciate protection from the state....

In praise of Daisy Orane

The Editor, Sir: Permit me a little space to join my voice in praise of the late Daisy Orane. I met Mrs Orane as a young lawyer in the 1980s when I joined the City Of Kingston Co-op Credit Union. Mrs Orane was the secretary of the credit union and I remember...

PM's position on election dates

The Editor, Sir: This is in response to the Garth Rattray column:Mr Rattray:You said, It is ironic that it was the 'chief servant' who wanted to have fixed general election dates and now he wants an early general election to stay in power....

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