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Changing of the guard - High school principal calls it a day after 13 years
published: Saturday | July 5, 2008

,br> Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer
Guy's Hill High graduates applaud outgoing principal, Timothy Bailey, after he had given the principal's report at the school's graduation ceremony at the school on Thursday.

SPANISH TOWN, St Catherine:

The reins at the Guy's Hill High School in St Catherine will be handed over come September, as Principal Timothy Bailey will be going into retirement. His replacement will be Irwin Small.

Bailey made the announcement at the graduation ceremony on the school compound on Thursday, where he told the gathering that his last year was filled with challenges but that the warmth of the school and community, at large, helped his life as an educator.

"It gives a lot to my own existence, the service shows appreciation and national pride and gives an overall purpose, second to none," he said.

Bailey implored the 94 graduates to work very hard and consider the vastness of the world and the early stage of their journey.

"Remember, hard work does pay and you are indeed a child of the universe," he said.

"Dem deh a Missa Bailey's word dem fi years now: from I was a student at this school. It is good that he continues to encourage people," remarked Lynworth Brown, a past student in the audience who came to pay his respects to the school that had nurtured him.

Successor ready

Bailey's successor, Irwin Small, told The Gleaner that he had a big pair of shoes to fill. However, he was also quick to mention that he had learnt a lot from Mr Bailey and is now ready, having completed his masters degree in education.

"I think I will be able to carry on the work, as there is a fantastic cadre of teachers here," he said, explaining that 90 per cent of the staff had at least a first degree. "That will make my job easier," he explained.

Small said the institution is one that prides itself in having long-serving principals, as since it opened its doors on September 1970 with Ada Osbourne at its helm he is just the fourth to be considered for the post. Hyacinth Baker was the school's second principal.

Outstanding students highlighted

During the function several outstanding students were highlighted among them, Garfield Grandison, editor-in-chief at The Gleaner, who has committed to having the two top English students interning at the Gleaner during the summer.

Michael Berry and Tawana Finlay were the students so chosen.

Guest speaker Amina Blackwood-Meeks, in her own witty way, implored the graduating class to throw away the negatives in life, love themselves and be a part of positive growth.

The school currently has a complement of 52 teachers and 1,200 students. And from the consensus of persons who spoke, this is set to grow this year. According to the principal, as of September, the school already has over 100 transfer requests. No prospective students have asked to move away from the school.

- Rasbert Turner

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