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Ragashanti celebrates in fine 'ragga' style
published: Monday | September 8, 2008

Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer

Dr Kingsley 'Ragashanti' Stewart kisses Sedoqua Crawford at his birthday bash at the Mas Camp, Oxford Road, New Kingston, on Saturday. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

Although the official birthday cake cutting was close to 2 a.m. yesterday, Dr Kingsley 'Ragashanti' Stewart had appeared on the stage at the Mas Camp, Oxford Road, New Kingston, before.

Pretty Boy Floyd, one of several comedians who added their own spontaneous rollicking humour to the sound-system celebration, which attracted a large audience, demanded that Ragashanti 'bus a wine' to Air Supply's Just As I Am.

Celebrity greeting

A grinning Ragashanti, who got a celebrity greeting with women at the front of the stage clamouring to grab his hand, duly did so to the song, the final in a string of retro 'lovey dovey' selections from Crazy Chris which took the house down. The women squealed.

Ragashanti was beaming, too, when he came out to do the slicing of the sweet stuff with candles glowing on top, a number of persons gathered before the sound system's control tower. He looked different, though, decked out in semi-formal gear, and gave kudos to designer Carlton Brown.

And in the extended run of commentary and quips which surrounded the occasion, Ragashanti chided those who would now dismiss Asafa Powell after being solidly in his corner when he was clearly on top.


Of course, it was done 'ragga' style and the audience cheered the speech.

They got a lot to cheer about in song in a jolly 'earthday' get-together, a high proportion of youngsters among those who kept rolling into Mas Camp in the early hours of Sunday to join the large turnout from Saturday night.

It was a combination of oldies and 'up-to-the-time' music. Going past midnight, the women merrily agreed that I'm Alive, the beat soon changing to 1980s dancehall with Greetings and Under Pressure.

Crazy Chris worked the microphone to the delight of the women who duly 'whoaed' away to his 'mix-up' patter.

With comedians Lemon, Ity and Fancy Cat making their spur of the moment contributions, along with Pretty Boy Floyd, Ragashanti's birthday celebration was liberally sprinkled with humour.

And after his slow wine, Ragashanti demanded that the selectors get the people 'jiggy'.


And they did, with the disco of Celebrate and Rock The Boat.

Jamrock's selectors appealed to national pride with the national anthem, hands, drinks and one Jamaican flag held aloft, before rocking the house with Marley's Natural Mystic and Draw Bad Card, among others.

But although Fade Away and Solid as a Rock were among the songs that went over very well, excessive chatter lessened the impact at points.

And further on into Sunday morning, Ragashanti's bash rocked with Mavado's Gully Side and Bounty Killer intoning "nutten no change".

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