Police crack down on 'sagging pants'

Published: Thursday | January 8, 2009

ST GEORGE'S, Grenada (CMC):

Lawmen in Grenada have launched a campaign targetting youngsters who show their underwear in public by wearing their pants below their waistlines.

The crusade is the latest of several new initiatives introduced by New Police Commissioner James Clarkson, who was sworn in shortly after last July's general elections.

'It's a question of morality'

"They have some people, especially young men, who forgot at this point where their waist in their body is. They think their waist is by their knees," said Commissioner Clarkson, who has also served in police forces in New York and Trinidad and Tobago.

"We need the moral back in our society so we are going to address this problem and remind them. We need to address this problem as we are going to address it in the New Year. It's not just a question of legality, it's a question of morality," he said.

The so-called 'sagging pants' trend has been linked to the international hip-hop culture, but is said to have its roots in prisons where inmates' pants often hang off their butts because they are not allowed to carry belts.

Grenadian youngsters have also caught on this growing fashion trend, made popular on videos of the rap genre and which has been a major subject of debate in the United States where some states have passed laws banning the practice.

Commissioner James said, recently, his officers ordered a group of tourists back on a cruise ship because of the way they were dressed.

Forget where their waist is

"That is one of the things we would be addressing. The youngsters who forget where their waist is and we will address that, and I am going to seriously address it," Commissioner Clarkson warned.

"The funny thing about that is that they feel nothing is wrong," he added.