Handsome hunks

Published: Saturday | January 17, 2009

Randy Bowman, Staff Reporter

Setting the stage on fire, eliciting vocal cord-cracking screams and showering kisses on adoring fans is all in a day's work.

They are the top 10 sexiest Jamaican men in entertainment! Not only are they accomplished artistes, they are handsome hunks who are the bane of average joes.

Wag, wag, girls, it's time to go crazy!


10. Orville 'Da'Ville' Thomas started his solo career in music after leaving the group ARP in 2001. Since then, he has been musically Cruzin, In Heaven and the ladies can't seem to 'get over him' as he continues to be 'always on our mind'.

9. Craig 'Leftside' Parkes - ex-partner from the duo with Esco - knows how important it is to Tuck In Yuh Belly. Mr Cool is a style maven, dapper, debonair, delicious.

8. Still a Rising Star, Christopher Martin has graduated from being a teeny- bopper's heart-throb to a mature woman's fancy. Since winning the Digicel title in 2005, the crooner hasn't stopped Giving It to Jamaican Girls. Are there any Stellas who want to get their groove back?

7. Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques, known to us simply as Sean Paul, began raising women's Temperature to fever pitch in the 21st century. The 35-year-old hit man, who has delivered chart toppers such as Deport Them, Gimme The Light, Get Busy and Like Glue, has managed to Infiltrate the hearts of fans.

6. After following in the footsteps of an older brother, Ryan Mark (Reynolds), also known as Prodigy, chhose to walk the straight and narrow path.

Though still in his early 20s, the gospel deejay's got his head screwed on and exudes a maturity beyond his years. Tall, dark and handsome is a cliche well worth using on God's gift to women. Checkmate, Chrissy D.

5. Who said a career in dancing is only for girls? Thanks to exponents like Dancin' Dynamites judge, Orville Hall, the art has gone to new heights.

Lecturer at the Excelsior Community College and artistic director and manager of Dance Xpressionz, the Actor Boy Award nominee has never been afraid to let his body do all the talking. And aren't we listening!

4. With a distinctive sub-baritone voice, Mr Lover Lover gives nothing but Pure Pleasure to the eye. Born Orville Burrell, Shaggy's flair and dressing genius have set him aside on and off stage. And the Bustamante benevolence just completes the sell - machismo and magnanimity. Ready for a date with Mr Boombastic? Lots of women would consider it their Lucky Day.

3. Oh My Darling, this one is hot. Peter Lloyd has the Perfect Body, topped with a familiar voice that has been behind a long list of commercials on Jamaica's airwaves. The multitalented hunk is a big catch.

2. The soft-spoken, six-pack-bearing Ky-mani Marley burst on to the scene in 1996, covering some of his father's songs on his first album Like Father Like Son. Since then, the Ghetto Soldier has been a clear shot with the ladies. And you can catch a slice of him on the BET J reality series, Life of a Marley.

1. Jeffrey 'Assassin' Campbell is our sexiest male Jamaican entertainer. 'Check, check, check', he is every woman's dream. Smart, savvy and oh-so-sexy.

The artiste who unavoidably makes Girls Go Wild has recently completed his second year top of his class at the University of Sunderland, where he is seeking to complete a bachelor's degree in business management.