Separate executive and legislature

Published: Saturday | January 24, 2009


It should be obvious to the casual observer that our present constitutional and political arrangements are not working. In fact, they are counterproductive to good governance and a peaceful and just society.

Can anyone tell me which government since 1962 has performed creditably? How many ministers of government (past or present) have been outstanding performers? How many members of parliament or parish councillors have represented their constituency or division well?

There is an urgent need for the separation of powers between the legislative arm of government and the executive. How effective can a member of parliament be in representing the needs and interest of the constituency when he or she is also a member of the Cabinet? Threats by Cabinet ministers on both sides of the political divide to withhold benefits from citizens if they don't get their votes is indicative of what can happen when the power of the executive resides in partisan party representatives.

Members of Parliament should be confined to the function to which they were elected, i.e., to represent their constituents.

Let's get men and women who are competent to run the various ministries of government! And let us have the proposed Cabinet ministers and other persons to key government positions approved before the peoples' Parliament before they are appointed.

Changing governments and reshuffling Cabinets have not resulted in any substantial improvement in the performance of successive governments. Is it not full time we reformed the constitution and moved towards the separation of powers?

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