It's a new day!

Published: Sunday | January 25, 2009

LEFT: President Barack Obama speaks at the State Department in Washington, last week Thursday.
RIGHT: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama walk the inaugural parade route in Washington. The colour of Michelle Obama's Isabel Toledo ensemble appeared to shift and change all day last Tuesday, leading some observers wondering what to call the shade.

The past week, with the inauguaration of Barack Obama, was filled with moments and images that most of us will not soon forget. Jamaica, with the rest of the world, watched every minute of Tuesday's ceremony with great excitement and hope for what is to come.

Sunday Arts has compiled some of the most striking images of the past week as a personal keepsake for you, with several of the poems that you, our readers, have sent in, expressing your own feelings in the dramatic way in which history has ben re-written.

  • Obama's glory

    Triumphantly he stood

    humbly he spoke

    wearing victory's face

    This did not come in haste

    It was a long wait

    Martin Luther King, Rosa Parkes, they set the trail

    Obama, he followed the


    triumphantly, remembering

    death of our ancestors, suffering,


    and incarceration

    Now, with oneness and humility

    strong will and dedication

    forgetting about segregation

    anticipation turned into reality

    The world vibrated

    bodies in Kenya gyrated

    victory touched every soul

    All over many nations

    The world is now hard to move

    It's crumbling

    But Obama makes everyone


    Do not be afraid

    It's a time for all to care

    We all can go that extra mile

    to make another person survive.

    - Barbara Dixon

  • Yes we can!

    Oh, Yes, I say

    Oh, Yes, I say

    The skies are so blue, though

    you only see thick clouds of grey

    The whole world is in panic, and

    all they report is despair.

    But I've looked at your grey

    clouds, and I see promises there.

    Oh, If you want to see tomorrow

    Why surrender to today?

    No one is going to rescue you

    from sorrow

    You will have to make your way

    So, make your way.

    Oh, Yes, I say

    Oh, Yes, I say

    You've got to fight, the

    challenges life throws your way.

    Reach deep within, the answers

    were always there

    Cling desperately to your faith,

    willingly release your fears

    Oh, the problems you now see,

    can very soon be gone.

    With the brilliance of our minds,

    we can overcome these storms

    And in the end we'll sing praises

    to God above, for the knowledge

    that he gives, understanding and


    Oh, yes, I say

    Oh, yes, I say

    We'll stand together, I pray you will not dismay.

    - S.D.G.

  • The world loves Obama

    Obama, Obama, Obama

    The world loves Barack Obama

    Obama, Obama, Obama

    The world has been waiting for

    this reformer.

    A black man has captured, not

    just the hearts of America,

    but of the whole world from the

    Artic to Antarctica

    Who would have ever thought

    we'd have a black United States


    But here is the result of years of

    struggles with great resilience.

    Martin Luther King Jr must be

    jumping in his grave

    For he said 'I've seen the

    promised land.'

    Now it has been manifested in

    this man, saying yes we can!

    Now there's a black man in the

    House with his two little kids

    and Michelle, his spouse.

    The Klan couldn't stop this one

    because divided we fall, but

    united we are strong.

    McCain and Palin's campaign

    kept failing

    but team Obama had smooth


    Hear the people saying Obama,

    Obama, Obama

    The world loves Obama

    and this war-torn world needs

    a reformer.

    I hear the sound of that Negro

    spiritual, a change is going

    to come

    and the cry of an oppressed

    people saying we shall


    I hear voices saying, yes we can

    now they are saying, yes we


    for the change has begun and it's

    name is Barack Obama.

    Hear the people saying Obama,

    Obama, Obama

    The world loves Barack Obama

    From Joe the Plumber to the rich

    man in his Hummer

    No Nazi assassin or bomber can

    stop Barack Obama

    because the world loves Obama.

    - Seon Lewis

  • Ode to Barack

    Barack Obama a yu a de man

    A yu wi waan fi run di lan,

    Mek wi salute; mek wi boas.

    Di fus black man fi run di White House

    Obama wi president, yu gone like Usain Bolt,

    Yu run all di states, an yu run all bout;

    Yu tink a 'Merica only yu deh?

    Mi wan yu fi know seh yu deh every weh.

    Memba di people! Memba dem; memba dem

    Weh Martin Luther seh!

    Mi hear di man, mi listen weh im seh.

    Dat black an white wi unite

    Martin dead but im win di fight.

    Mi caan believe! But mi hafi believe

    Mi heart a sigh wid a relief

    Black fambily in a di White House,

    Big, big uplifment chile mek wi boas!

    - Melda Graham