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Published: Monday Sunday | January 25, 2009

Sunday Drive - Civic Pride
TODAY'S CIVIC has huge shoes to fill. It's a Honda, so it has to be fun to drive. It has to look modern, yet offer the amount of space that its market segment needs. That niche also wants it to be economical, environmentally friendly and comfortable.

Auto Blotters
The most stolen vehicle in Japan is ... the Toyota Hiace van! The Hiace has been creeping up the charts since 2005 when it was barely in the top 10. Now, it's number one. The theft of SUVs and luxury cars have dropped.

Proud go-kart moments
PETER WRIGHT'S heart pounded with joy Tuesday night, when it was announced that one of his three boys, 14-year-old Joshua, was voted the most disciplined driver of the 2008 Jamaica Karting Association (JKA) championship.

Cars on death row
Recent news from the auto world is that the axe has fallen upon six cars, all of which will be gone for 2010.