Jamaica Gleaner Letters

Published: Monday Sunday | January 25, 2009

Letter of the Day - PM and vehicular nightmares
THE EDITOR, Sir: Last night, I had a terrible dream. In the dream, President Obama was visiting Jamaica and our prime minister, travelling in his official car, met him at the airport. The ancient vehicle sputtered from the airport and finally gave up the ghost somewhere in Rema.

An argument for a fixed rate
The Editor, Sir: I am in agreement with Winston Williams (The Gleaner 23/01/09) to have a fixed exchange rate, an idea suggested by former prime minister, Edward Seaga, as recently as last year.

Wrong currency diagnosis
The Editor, Sir: Winston Williams, in a letter to your paper, published on January 23, posited a solution to our currency woes which involved the Government fixing the exchange rate and reducing interest rates. Unfortunately, Williams is addressing symptoms and not the illness ...