The year's Top 10 personalities

Published: Sunday | January 25, 2009

From left, Usain Bolt, Greg Christiem Shelly-Ann Fraser, Melaine Walker and Sir Kenneth and Lady Hall.

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

1. Usain Bolt: The Jamaican international personality of the year who captured the imagination of the world!

2. Contractor General Greg Christie: Keeping them honest!

3. Shelly-Ann Fraser: Took it to the world in Beijing and scored big!

4. Melaine Walker: The surprise of the Beijing Olympics!

5. Sir Kenneth and Lady Hall: Served with distinction and humility!

6. Steve Ashley: President of the Association of Friends And Families Against Substance Abuse - a timely intervention.

7. MP Daryl Vaz: Has emerged as the most powerful person in the Bruce Golding administration.

8. David Phillips: Harnessing and channelling the rural entrepreneurial drive!

9. Horace Clarke/Mike Drakukich: The force behind the Mystic Mountain attraction.

10. Dexter Lee: Athletic talent on the rise!