Who qualifies for a visa?

Published: Sunday | February 1, 2009

The Editor, Sir:

Since the other day I have been trying to understand the profile of a person who is eligible for an American visa. I found out that I am not one of them.

I went to the embassy recently and was denied. I felt really disappointed because of a number of reasons.

The first is that I am on four months vacation leave and wanted to go and spend some time with friends and relatives. This was my second visit, the first being four years ago.

I thought that I had all that it takes. I'm a teacher in my mid-30s and have been in the system for approximately 16 years. I have a master's degree which I obtained from an offshore American university, and was hoping to visit the main campus one day.


How unwise it would have been for me to go to America and 'run off' when I could simply sign up with any of those recruiters who are so ardently seeking our service?

I realised that being in this noble profession was not enough to add credence to my pursuit to just simply visit America for a short time then return to my beloved island home. Being childless and unmarried did not help either.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy Jamaica, visit other countries, and maybe in another four years make another attempt at an American visa.

I am, etc.,



Gravel Hill District

Gravel Hill P.A.