Culinary Delights

Published: Thursday | February 12, 2009

Nashauna Drummond, Lifestyle co-ordinator

A few nuts on top add some kick to this raspberry mousse. - photos by Peta-Gaye Clachar/Staff Photographer

It was a haven for lovers of cheese and chocolate at the Hilton Kingston Jamaica last Tuesday, when the Arosa Group of companies served up a wide array of Swiss culinary delights.

The variety and the fusion of Italian, German, and French cuisines which characterise Swiss cuisine, tantalised the tastebuds of all who were at the Terrace Cafe.

Switzerland is best known for its chocolate and cheeses and these were the main ingredients in the dishes that were presented. The most popular cheeses Emmental, Appenzeller and Gruierre, were the foundation for the gastronomic experiences of those not very familiar with Swiss cheese.

The stars of the night, however, were Fondue and Raclette. A Raclette cheese round is heated on a special machine, then scraped on to pieces of Swiss bread. Traditionally, Raclette cheese is had with raclette potatoes, pickled onions and dried meat, but for those who never had it, the bread was a perfect substitute to translate the general idea of the meal.

Raclette shared the stage with another popular cheese dish, Fondue. An earthenware container with cheese mix is placed over a small burner. Long forks are used to dip pieces of bread into the warm mixture and enjoyed.

Rounding off the offerings were; coconut macaroons, mousses in a variety of flavours, Pannachotta with Raspberry toppings and sausages of many varieties, kept guests salivating all night while they sipped on choice Swiss wines.

Switzerland is known for its cheeses and one of the most popular is Appenzeller.

Coconut Macaroons perfect for any chocoholic.

One of the star dishes of the night was Fondue.

A Swiss spin on the Italian dessert panacotta topped with raspberries.

Spicy Italian sausage.